Zika Virus Information Available

Zika is a disease caused by the Zika virus, usually spread through the bite of an infected “Aedes” species mosquito.  The Zika virus was first discovered in Uganda in 1947.  The first human cases of Zika were reported in 1952.  Cases originated in Tropical Africa, Southeast Asia, and in the Pacific Islands.  In May 2015, the first confirmed Zika infection in Brazil was discovered.  The World Health Organization declared the Zika virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.  Most people infected with Zika won’t know because they won’t have any symptoms.  However, some common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain or conjunctivitis, muscle pain and headache.  When symptoms do happen they are usually mild and last several days to a week.  Follow this link to our webpage that will give you more information about protecting yourself from mosquitoes and transmitting the Zika viruses.

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Zika Virus Information

WAYS YOU CAN……FIGHT THE BITE!!  Learn ways to prevent disease spread by mosquitoes.

  1. Empty and change water in bird baths, fountains, wading pools, rain barrels and potted plant trays once a week.
  2. Get rid of standing water in rain gutters, old tires, buckets, plastic covers, toys, trash containers, and even bottle caps once a week.
  3. Make sure window and door screens are “bug tight”.
  4. Use and EPA-registered insect repellent, follow product directions.
Document Name Description
Protect from Mosquitoes Bites that spread Zika and other virus Mosquitoes that spread Zika are aggressive daytime biters.  They can also bite at night. Learn ways to protect from all mosquito bites
Worcester County Preparedness Planning for Zika Virus Presentation to Town Managers including Ocean Pines by the Worcester County Health Department on July 7, 2016 to promote prevention and health.
Mosquito Bite Prevention Tips Not all mosquitoes are the same.   Different mosquitoes spread different viruses and bite at different times of the day.
Protect Your Pregnancy from Zika Pregnant?  Zika is linked to birth defects and there is no vaccine to prevent the Zika Virus infection.  You can also transmit Zika by having unprotected sex.
Zika Virus Fact Sheet Learn the origins, how it’s spread, symptoms, and treatment of the Zika Virus.
Help Control Mosquitoes Learn to protect yourself, your family, and community from mosquitoes that spread Dengue, Chickungunya, and Zika Viruses.
Zika Virus Fact Sheet County Preparedness Presentation Prevention of Mosquito Bites

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