Election 2021

General Information and Key Dates

Running this year are incumbent Frank Daly, and challengers Stuart Lakernick, David C. Hardy and Richard Farr. The candidates are vying to fill two vacant positions on the Ocean Pines Board of Directors, both of which are for three-year terms. The Board is the governing body of the Association. 

Ballots are scheduled to be mailed to eligible voters no later than the week of July 12. Ballots must be received – NOT mailed – by 4 p.m. on AUGUST 11.

Voters are asked to follow all instructions included in the mailing and to vote for no more than two candidates. Any ballot marked for more than two candidates or that include write-in candidates will not be counted. 

Ballots may be returned either to the ballot box inside the lobby of the Ocean Pines Police Department on 239 Ocean Parkway OR mailed to the Ocean Pines post office box in Berlin. Ballots must be sealed and returned in the envelope provided in the mailing.

Key dates in the election process include:
  • Thurs, July 8 - Eligibility deadline to receive a ballot
  • Week of July 12 - Ballots mailed to all eligible voters
  • Wed, Aug. 11 - BALLOT DEADLINE (by 4 p.m.)
  • Fri, Aug. 13 - Ballots counted and totals announced - 10 a.m. (East Room, Ocean Pines Community Center)
  • Sat, Aug. 14 - Election results validated at 9 a.m. during the Annual Meeting of Membership (Assateague Room, Ocean Pines Community Center)
*For questions about the election, email elections@oceanpines.org or call 410-208-3989.

Candidate Forum Videos

First Candidate Forum: June 10, 2021

2021 Candidate information

Frank Daly

Address: 834 Ocean Parkway
Phone: 410-790-2677
Email: Fdaly73228@gmail.com

Introductory statement

My wife Irene and I moved to Ocean Pines in 2013 and are involved in a number of community organizations. I was elected to the Board in August 2018.

My 40+ Year career includes Senior Management & Board Level Assignments. I have a MS Degree in Engineering, a MBA (Finance/Marketing) and attended the Wharton Executive Development Program.

I have served on the Executive Committees of four companies, the Board of Directors of a HOA and two major university consortiums (Cal-Berkeley & Arizona State). I am President of Jordan Frank Associates, an executive recruiting firm.

I have used my experience and conservative financial approach with the specific objective of improving management and keeping your assessment low and stable. During my tenure your assessment has increased ten dollars. In the same time period, we have rebuilt aging facilities, repaid 2.1 million in losses from the Hill/Bailey era, strengthened homeowner protections and value, improved our amenities, and introduced Comcast to the community.

My core values of honesty, integrity and independence focus my efforts not on special political interests, only yours, the homeowner.

I am asking for your vote to continue my work to improve the community, our infrastructure and its management.

Thank You.

If elected, what would be your top two priorities?

1. To ensure that the gains made over the past three years are sustainable into the future.

Over the past three years assessments have been low and stable. Our facilities are in good working order. The amenities provide good service and quality. And significant progress has been made in making sure all amenities are running at a break even or better and contributing to assessment reductions, not increases. That progress needs to be locked into our operating mentality so that it continues in the future. We need to make sure that processes are in place to continue this progress from Board to Board and GM to GM. Regressing to past performance levels is not an option.

2. Drainage. 2818 homes in OP have some type of drainage problem. Addressing these problems while maintaining a stable, low assessment is a major challenge. Our budgeting and operational improvements have enabled management to increase the budget for drainage programs from $31,500 in 2019 to the current $900,000 level. Successfully executing priority 1 would make an additional$473,000 available for drainage without increasing the base assessment. This needs to be a major focus over the next three years.


What do you think about Ocean Pines Association budgeting and finances? Do you have suggestions on improvements?

Our Budgeting and Finance processes are strong. During my tenure on the Board, I have worked with management to improve these processes. As a result, we have been able to repay a $2.1 million loss from the Hill/Bailey era while rebuilding aging facilities, maintaining bulkheads and increasing spending on drainage projects. While doing this the base assessment has increased only $10 over the last three years.

Our financial position is excellent. At the end of the fiscal year, we had $15,502,307 in cash and investments.

We can do better. As most realize the current pandemic significantly impacted amenities last season.

Three amenities showed a net operating loss of $472,844. Eliminating these losses would reduce the base assessment by $56. That needs to be a major focus in the upcoming year.

We also need to continue to strengthen our budgeting and internal controls. Accuracy and timeliness are paramount. The forensic audit conducted in 2019 showed no crime but weak financial controls within the organization. The GM and Board aggressively addressed these issues and strong controls have been implemented. We need continual focus on making sure they are followed to prevent any possibility of criminal infiltration resulting in fraud, theft or corruption.


Describe what talents and skills you would bring as an OPA Director.

I bring Proven Performance. Candidates run on promises. Incumbents run on their record.

My commitment has been on improving our amenities, finances, infrastructure and keeping our assessments low and stable.

The results have been base assessments of $986, $986 and $996. A $10 increase over three years.

An inherited operating deficit of $2,100,000 ($248 assessment impact per lot owner) from the Hill/Bailey years has been eliminated.

Old, delipidated facilities have been replaced. All facilities are now in good operating order.

Our amenities provide quality service and value. F&B operations have moved from Hill/Bailey losses approaching $1,000,000 to profitability.

Our infrastructure programs for bulkheads and roads are now on schedule.
Budgets for drainage programs have increased from $32,000 to $900,000.

My education, experience, drive and commitment to work with fellow Board members and the GM have made this possible.

As a Board member confronted with a problem you have three choices—address, ignore or kick it down the road. When a homeowner raises a problem, I engage them and address their problem. I have engaged homeowners that have approached me with problems and have addressed these issues in a consistent, professional manner. And will continue to do so if re-elected.

Stuart Lakernick

Address: 9 Widows Watch Ct.
Phone: 215-869-6343
Email: bakfixer@aol.com

Introductory statement

I have been a chiropractor and functional neurologist for the past 30 years and owning my own practice enabled me to develop essential business skills. During my successful career I had the opportunity to provide professional services to people of all economic and ethnic backgrounds.

This diverse environment enabled me to develop strong listening and communication skills and to treat everyone with respect and kindness. If elected, as your new member of the board I will bring proven leadership, experience in financial management, customer care and problem solving.

During the past year we witnessed some troubling events unfold. For example a member had to take legal action against the board and the court ruled in his favor. Our star employee resigned because of how she was treated in the workplace. Do you want this to stop? This year, perhaps more than ever before, who you elect will determine the long-term success of Ocean Pines! I will represent full and part-time homeowners equally and work hard to make necessary improvements to our board.

I wish to thank the 1050 members who voted for me last year and I ask for your vote again. And to other members please vote for me this time.

If elected, what would be your top two priorities?

My top two priorities are to continue to work on the community's drainage issues and to improve our employees’ morale. On drainage we should continue to look for grant money from the state and the county, just like what was done successfully for the Bainbridge pond project. This was a great start and an important step to improving the appearance of our community. My other priority is to focus on the employees’ morale by improving the work environment where necessary. We need to make sure we retain our best employees by making required changes. Whatever priorities the board adopts should be done with full transparency between the members and the board. Ultimately we all work for you, the Ocean Pines homeowner.


What do you think about Ocean Pines Association budgeting and finances? Do you have suggestions on improvements?

Let me start by saying that we as association members are shareholders in our company. I know that we are an HOA, not a stock company, but our investment makes us pseudo shareholders. We all bought in when we moved here. A couple years ago under our previous GM we utilized an assessment driven top down model for our budgeting needs. That approach got us in some financial difficulty. We did not do the due diligence with our building and infrastructure maintenance which resulted in us having to spend more on replacement. We abandoned this with our current GM to a bottom up approach utilizing our department heads to come up with the budget. This way they are accountable for their individual budgets. This present model has been successful. The only way that I see that we can improve this is to maintain this approach. I voted yes and was glad to see the referendum pass. Any spending controls that we can put in place are positive. This way we, the community, can keep our board accountable.

Describe what talents and skills you would bring as an OPA Director.

Proven leadership, problem solving talent, and excellent management skills. I have been in practice and have successfully managed my business for 30 years. An entrepreneur stays in business this long by knowing what to do well, how to manage risks and by recruiting and investing in the best employees. I know how to deal with different personalities, be fiscally responsible, how to balance a budget, how to communicate well, and search for the right talent. One of my great strengths is the ability to see the gifts other people possess and put them to their best use. I am a natural leader. My leadership style revolves around giving people autonomy to make decisions and holding them accountable when necessary.

David C. Hardy

Address: 1 Seagrave Lane
Phone: 410-688-0268
Email: Dhardy0715@aim.com

Introductory statement

I am a qualified materials engineer, systems engineer and physical scientist. Reviewing my background, one will find I have proven to be an extremely versatile individual, being able to acquire skill-sets quickly in order to successfully address all assigned responsibilities. I have worked in the electronic-ceramics industry, metals industry, petro-chemical industry, US military and federal government. In total, I have worked in private industry, for near 30 years, where I was part of a number of small start- up businesses and even started my own business at one time. I am a retired US Army Officer. My military service included near seven years on active-service and over 14 years as an active reservist. I need add, that I served in command positions for over 11 of these years in a number of US and overseas locations. Currently, I am a civilian Federal employee working in Engineer and Program Management, credited for over 18 years of service. I always try to participate in my community. I served at town level as a Framingham, MA Town Meeting Council member. I volunteer to support my community. I have been a volunteer Firefighter, volunteer emergency medical responder and most recently serving as Fire Police.

If elected, what would be your top two priorities?

Recently two issues have been discussed by residents and occupied much of the agenda of OPA board meetings. These are the Federal Payroll Protection Funds loan and issues concerning short-term rentals. The former issues relate to the relative independence that the board has in spending funds without first involving and receiving concurrence of all Ocean Pines residents. My issue is that all budget items must be fully transparent and have acceptance through the ballot prior to any major budget action. My action will be to work towards policy where any budget is fully approved by the residents before any commitments are made by the board.

The second priority involving short-term rentals needs to be resolved. The County has zoning rules which apparently are not always followed by a very small minority of Ocean Pines residents. My intent will not be to create another set of rules and oversight boards, but instead to find a working balance to assist the County in ensuring that existing policies are being followed.

What do you think about Ocean Pines Association budgeting and finances? Do you have suggestions on improvements?

It seems that budget activities occur in such manner which are not fully transparent to residents. There needs to be a balance between first getting resident approval and expeditiously moving forward with capital endeavors. It’s all too easy to lose sight of the fact that monies collected from residents from fees, etc. is not the property of the OCA. Instead, it remains the resident’s money. Policies need to be established that insure that all residents feel that they have a meaningful say in how their money is spent in support of our community.

Describe what talents and skills you would bring as an OPA Director.

I am highly educated in technology, personnel management and contracts and acquisition. I believe that these and my life experiences bring additional diversity in approach and thought to the board.

Personally, I have learned how to listen, make the decisions which need to be made, while respecting those with different opinions.

Richard Farr

Address: 21 Birdnest Dr.
Phone: 410-390-1425
Email: Hrstallion82@gmail.com

Introductory statement

I am Rick Farr, and I would be honored to serve the Ocean Pines community as your next Director.

As a property owner since 1999, the Ocean Pines community is dear to my heart and is where I plan to retire. I am a father and grandfather that grew up in Bowie, Maryland before deciding to serve this great country. I am a retired USAF combat veteran serving this great country for close to 25 years; currently a human resource executive for an IT/Cyber firm in DC working remote. With over 35 years’ experience as a human resource executive and serving on many executive boards in both military and corporate environments, I know the value of people, their talents, and their voices. While there will be disagreements, having a high level of integrity, I value the importance of open communication and being respectful to others to achieve common goals which is at the best interest of ALL the people we serve. If elected to serve our community, I pledge to listen to ALL our residents (PT & FT) with respect and take forward recommendations that are at the best interest of our community not individuals. Proud to service you!

If elected, what would be your top two priorities?

Ensure that all the infighting among our current OPA Directors stops immediately. The infighting has cost our Ocean Pines residents thousands of dollars in legal fees which could have gone to much needed projects such as beautification of our neighborhoods and/or upgrading some of our amenities and services. It is OK to disagree with each other’s position on specific agenda items, but the best boards have a clear sense of shared purpose, communicate effectively even when they have healthy disagreements about the best course of action. Knowing that board members have the best interests of the Ocean Pines residents at heart leads to great team spirit among the board team. I will propose to analyze the board's composition, skills, leadership, and diversity and openly assess the need to recruit directors that have the best interest of our community first and be prepared to have frank conversations about succession planning, so our board remains effective in serving our community. As part of this analysis, the board will evaluate its own composition, including how it communicates effectively to the residents, its leadership, and effectiveness, to determine whether it aligns with the OPA objectives.

What do you think about Ocean Pines Association budgeting and finances? Do you have suggestions on improvements?

The OPA Budget and Finances are now operating efficiently and effectively. Transitioning a few years back from the “Top Down” to a “Bottom Up” approach has been most effective in reviewing the budget and needs to be sustained. This gives all directors clear review on any proposed budgets and to provide recommendations on how we need to allocate our finances for current and future expenses to include earmarking future capital expense projects. My recommendation is to continue the way the budget and finances are currently being reviewed and approved by the directors for proper oversight.

Describe what talents and skills you would bring as an OPA Director.

Currently I am an executive in human capital management with over 30+ years of progressive leadership in human resource management and organizational development in the military and corporate environments. I partner with the senior executive team and board of directors to develop and build out multiple key initiatives and programs that are aligned with the company’s business plans and strategic objectives. It is my responsibility to promote transparent communication and to work with and alongside executives, senior staff, and line operations staff to implement strategic business solutions to mitigate risk and improve productivity to increase revenue. I currently manage staff and multiple projects to foster cross- functional communication and collaboration with high levels of integrity and deliver to a vast variety of internal and external audiences. My board position with my current employer is co-chair for the compensation committee, IT steering committee (voting member), and board search committee (voting member). Previous experience - board member for United Way and YMCA, Allegany County.

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