wallops launch

Many people on the Eastern Shore are interested in the upcoming Orbital Corporation rocket launch from Wallops Island.  The launch is currently scheduled for 5 pm on Wednesday, April 17.


Weather, cloud cover and other operational needs may force schedule changes so interested folks should check this site for the latest schedule:




People on the Eastern Shore will be able to see the rocket from almost any location with a clear view to the south.  Ocean City inlet parking lot has been a popular viewing location in the past.  Naturally, the closer to the launch site you get, the better the view but remember, it’s a complicated machine and it may not launch right on schedule.


For additional information including a chart showing rocket visibility during launch, look here:




When the countdown is underway, a live feed can be seen here:




This is going to be exciting!  This first rocket will place an instrumented weight and mass simulator into orbit.  Follow-on launches will carry cargo to re-supply the International Space Station (ISS).  ISS is very easy to see at night – you can request an email or text message when the ISS will be visible to you by visiting this site:




Steve Habeger

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