Ocean Pines Board of Directors Votes on GM Contract.

The Ocean Pines Association is pleased to announce the signing of a new three-year contract with General Manager Bob Thompson.  Mr. Thompson has been serving in his role since August of 2010 and, despite the challenging economy, has maintained a positive variance to budget 3 of the last 4 years.  With one month left in this year, it would appear we are on the path for another year of positive financial results.  In addition, Mr. Thompson has successfully spearheaded several major initiatives most notably the new multimillion-dollar Yacht Club that will be opening shortly.

The new contract reflects a change in approach to compensation for the position that includes a base salary and at-risk compensation based on performance of the OPA amenities.  A super majority voted in favor of Mr. Thompson’s new contract with Mr. Clarke and Mr. Collins against.

The Ocean Pines Board of Directors is very pleased to have Mr. Thompson continue under this new structure and three-year agreement as we look forward to ongoing financial and operational successes of the organization.


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