Maryland Coastal Bays Program to Host Water Quality Workshops

The Maryland Coastal Bays Program will be hosting workshops from 5-8 pm on Tuesday, April 29 at Snow Hill Middle School and Wednesday, April 30 at the Ocean Pines Golf & Country Club to seek community input on the updated Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) that addresses current and emerging issues impacting water quality and the health of the bays and waterways behind Ocean City and Assateague Island.

The workshops are set up to allow participants to arrive any time during the three-hour period and browse information stations that appeal to their interests.

The CCMP is a fifteen-year culmination of technical and community involvement to protect the future of our bays. It is a plan of action items created for MCBP by local individuals, community groups and government agencies.

The original plan was finished in 1999 and is being updated as a ten-year compilation of management recommendations from scientific studies, new local, state and federal initiatives and the continuation of older successful outreach efforts to watershed residents.

The new management plan includes four sections: water quality, fish/wildlife/habitats, recreation and navigation, and community and economic development. There are a total of 15 goals, 35 objectives and 216 action items that have been vetted by partners and the public.

Science serves as the foundation to the management of MCBP, but the community – the watershed stakeholders – is the most impacted by this plan. MCBP encourages everyone to attend a workshop as the public’s attitudes, perceptions, beliefs and knowledge is crucial to protecting our bays. Input from farmers, developers, commercial and recreational fishermen serves as an integral part of the non-regulatory plan.

Area residents are encouraged to fill out the survey located on the MCBP website at and to attend one of the workshops. Both workshops are the same but held on different dates and places in an effort to accommodate as many attendees as possible.

Please contact Sandi at 410-213-2297 ext 103 or for more information.

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