Community = Commitment

So often I read articles or letters to the editor in our local newspapers or see something on the Ocean Pines Forum website that is a complaint about what’s going on in the Pines. And, I know that we often feel that we can’t change the status quo or make a difference and perhaps that is true. But how will you know unless you try??? The way to try is to get involved; make a commitment to participate and not just to gripe. One way is to run for the Board of Directors (and thank goodness there are those who are willing to take on this thankless task). Another, less visible and less controversial way, is to join an Ocean Pines advisory committee and there are many to choose from. I write this now in Green Street because three Environment and Natural Assets Advisory Committee members, myself included, have reached our term limits and the committee is in need of “new blood.” Other committees are also seeking new members.

An advisory committee’s responsibility is to the Board of Directors; committees respond to board requests for information, recommendations and action. Committees also can generate their own initiatives and solicit board support. Sometimes the work is recognized and rewarding such as the times our committee has worked in collaboration with non-profit groups in the area to acquire grants to plant trees and beach grasses and to post informational signage regarding natural assets around the South Pond. (This column is also an initiative of our committee.) Sometimes it is discouraging to put a great deal of effort into recommendations only to receive no response from the board. But the point is to try! The members of advisory committees are genuinely dedicated to making the Pines a better place to live and if you are in that category, I encourage you to go to the Ocean Pines website and check out the committees to see which one peaks your interest; then sign on for a term. The Pines will be better for it.


Barb Coughlan (retired)
Environment & Natural Assets Advisory Committee

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