Open to The Public!

A full array of tennis and social activities is provided from dawn to dusk by the tennis staff and the membership. Whether you’re looking for early bird drop-in tennis or for play in the evening followed by a group meal, it’s all here for you! Prospective members may get acquainted by playing a couple of times without cost during morning drop-in and attending a tennis social activity.

8 Har-Tru soft tennis courts & 2 hard tennis courts (two lighted for year-round play!)

Recreational & Competitive Play
Private Lessons – Men’s Early Bird – Men’s/Women’s Drop-In’s – All Levels Adult Clinics – Youth Programs – All Levels Junior Clinics – Junior Camps – Flights – USTA® – Interclub Competitions

Social Events
Ocean Pines Tennis Club (OPTC) – Fun Tournaments – Dinner – Block Parties – Picnics – Clubhouse – Full-Service Pro Shop

Pro Shop

Open Daily Memorial Day Weekend through September

7:00 am – 12:30 pm
3:30 pm – 7:00 pm

The Manklin Meadows Racquet Sports Complex features a full-service Pro Shop, open seasonally. The Pro Shop offers:

  • Racquet restringing
  • Racquet regripping
  • Tennis, pickleball and platform tennis balls for sale
  • Membership information
  • Vending machines
Tennis Instructor

Terry Underkoffler

Ocean Pines is pleased to welcome Terry Underkoffler, an Ocean Pines resident who will be leading youth and adult tennis programs at the Manklin Meadows Racquet Sports Complex.

Terry has been involved in education since 1976. He graduated with degrees in elementary education and instructional technology and taught in southeastern Pennsylvania until 2009.

He currently teaches at Worcester Preparatory School and coaches men’s tennis and soccer. He has coached soccer and tennis for many seasons, winning several league titles as well as state, regional and national coach-of-the-year awards. He has coached players who have received all-state, all-American and national team recognition.

Costs and Fees

PLAY 3 & SAVE! Ask about our combo rate for all 3 racquet sports!

Tennis Memberships
Amenity memberships are available to Ocean Pines residents and property owners. Associate memberships are available to those who are not residents or property owners.

2019-20 Amenity Membership Rates

  • Family – $435
  • Individual – $270
  • Junior – $55
  • Afternoon Only Family – $165
  • Afternoon Only Individual – $105

2019-20 Associate Membership Rates

  • Family – $615
  • Individual – $385
  • Junior – $80
  • Afternoon Only Family – $215
  • Afternoon Only Individual – $135

Click here for amenity membership applications.

Come out and play!

Daily fees are $10 per person (Limited to six plays). Sign up in person at the Pro Shop or by calling 410-641-7228.

• Drop-in for combined skill levels: Monday-Saturday 9:00 am -11:00 am
• Flight—Advanced Play: Tuesdays and Fridays 9:00 am (call or sign-up in advance)


Platform Tennis Introduces Timeless Tennis in Ocean Pines

Araceli Popen

Timeless Tennis offers a new and exciting opportunity for the Ocean Pines racquet community. Whether one is a tennis player, a platform tennis player, or someone who wants to try out a new activity, Timeless Tennis offers a unique experience along with exercise, fresh air and almost year- round play.

It all began with tennis and platform tennis player Araceli Popen. Araceli introduced the game in Ocean Pines when she discovered that the dimensions of the platform tennis courts were the same as those recommended for Timeless Tennis. Araceli explained that the hard court surface in Ocean Pines is perfect and that the 12-foot-high screens surrounding each court are just an added bonus because the balls stay within the court so the players do not have to go far to retrieve them.

Playing Timeless Tennis on a shorter and narrower court has many benefits. When Timeless Tennis is played on regular tennis courts, lines need to be drawn so that the court measurements conform to USTA recommendations. Playing on platform courts is great for tennis players who want to work on their technique, for new players and for those who need a smaller court.

Araceli said, “When my husband Mike and I first discovered the platform tennis courts in the 1990s, I thought it would be a great way to get back in shape for tennis but because as we were so busy driving our children to tennis tournaments and swim meets, we didn’t have time to join then. We joined platform tennis in 2012 and got hooked on the sport. Timeless Tennis is fun because we get to play both tennis and platform tennis and enjoy the many different events that the platform tennis community offers.”

Araceli has a lot to offer. She has played tennis for many years and has run free summer clinics in Dover and Georgetown, Delaware for over 14 years. Her father started a USTA -sanctioned junior tennis tournament in 1973 and when he retired 16 years later, she carried on his legacy by running the tournament for an additional 20 years. In 2011 Araceli was inducted into the Delaware Tennis Hall of Fame.

For the last two years, Araceli has volunteered her time and energy to introducing Timeless Tennis on the Ocean Pines platform tennis courts. She is known for her enthusiasm, patience and ready smile.

Timeless Tennis drop-ins are held every Wednesday from 4-6 pm at the Manklin Meadows Racquet Sports Complex. For more information, contact Araceli at or call 302-270-8118. After a 30-day free trial period and free lessons, the purchase of a platform tennis membership or a drop-in fee will be required.


The Ocean Pines Tennis Center is a very friendly, professionally managed and socially active tennis facility open to the public—where new members are always welcome! A full array of tennis and social activities is provided from dawn to dusk by the tennis staff and the membership. Whether it’s early bird drop in tennis or playing in the evening followed by a group meal—it’s here for you. For those who desire more competitive play, the club participates in USTA® and Interclub Competitions and offers several club tournaments and flights.  Individuals who purchase an annual tennis membership are also invited to join the Ocean Pines Tennis Club (OPTC), the social core of tennis activities in Ocean Pines offering special events and tournaments.

Contact the Pro Shop for more information or to inquire about our daily fees & court times. Tennis on the Eastern Shore doesn’t get any better than this!