Walking Policy Changed for Golf Members

Ocean Pines Golf & Country Club Changes Walking Policy for Members

Ocean Pines Golf & Country Club has announced a change to its policy for golfers who prefer to walk while playing their rounds.  Golfers with memberships at the public course will now be allowed to walk Monday-Thursday, anytime.  This is a change to the previous policy, which prohibited walking for all golfers in the morning.

According to PGA Director of Golf John Malinowski, the change was made to make membership at the course more appealing to those golfers who prefer to walk rather than take a cart.

“While most golfers use carts when they play, we know that there is a portion of our golfing community that likes to walk.  Although walking has been allowed in the afternoon, it hasn’t been in the morning.  Offering the option to walk all day is a great incentive for this group of people to purchase a membership at the course,” Malinowski said.

He added, “We’ve had several people express to us that they would be interested in membership but the no-walking policy was a deterrent.  We hope the change will allow us to expand our membership base.”

Malinowski emphasized that the new walking policy applies only to members at the course.  Other golfers will still be allowed to walk in the afternoon but will have to take a cart to play morning rounds.

For more information, contact PGA Director of Golf John Malinowski at 410-641-6057 or jmalinowski@oceanpinesgolf.org.



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