Vote For 2018 – Pup of Pines

Ocean Pines residents were encouraged to get their canine companions camera-ready for the 4th annual “Pup of the Pines” photo contest sponsored by the Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Department. Now we need your help with voting for the most photogenic pup.

Eight finalists, selected from all contestants, are listed below. Please take a look at their photo and short submitted bio. The winner will be announced at the Hometown Christmas Tree Lighting on Saturday, Nov. 24.




“Bindi should be the Pup of the Pines because she loves Ocean Pines. She loves walking through the beautiful community and meeting new dogs at the park. Bindi also loves playing in the waves nearby at Assateague Island National Seashore. Bindi is a very silly, smart, and energetic dog. She is very playful and enjoys playing with our 3 other dogs and 1 cat. Bindi is a fun-loving dog who deserves to be the Pup of the Pines!”


“Rooney is a rescue wo flew from MA to the Ocean City Airport in February of 2016 to live with his new mom (Merrie) in Ocean Pines. Rooney is living his best life here, he loves long walks around the duck pond, visiting all the vendors at the Ocean Pines Farmers Market, eating at one of his favorite places A Bagel And…. In Ocean Pines. He loves the beach and boardwalk and enjoys dining out at our many pet friendly restaurants in the area. He’s a foodie and dapper dresser who loves fashion and has an ever-growing bowtie collection. Rooney would be perfect as Pup of the Pines because he loves all people and animals and regularly shows up at local events to show people how much he loves living here and enjoying the good life in our beautiful community.”


“Jeannie should be the Pup of the Pines because she enjoys her community as much as any dog can! She loves going for walks down the quiet side streets, as well as around the beautiful pond, taking in the sights. In addition, one of her favorite things is sitting on the back of the sofa, watching all the cars and people go by on the Parkway! I know Jeannie is truly happy living here with us in this wonderful place.”


“My dad is a dog lover. Before me he had a dog named lindy. He wanted a dog park for lindy, so he got some friends to form a committee. They worked hard, and my dad went before the board several time to get a Dog Park and they finally approved it. They had to earn $15,000 to match funds from ocean Pines to build the dog park. Again, they worked very hard and earned the funds and built the dog park. My dad and I go to the dog park everyday we can weather permitting. Please vote for me. Thank you! ”


“Gidget is a Canadian and American champion. She is a very laid back and is loved by all who meet and know her. She is very cuddly which is a characteristic of a boxer. She loves to relax either next to you or on your lap.”

Sugar Baby

“Sugar Baby was rescued at the age of 5 from the Montgomery County Humane Society. She looks like a medium golden retriever, but she has 11 different breeds since her great-grand parents. She is smart, loving, and extremely perceptive. Her greatest accomplishments: alerting us twice when there was a break in at our DC home; taking her owner on walks up to 3 hours until she was 16 years old; being by my father’s side when he was dying; and now, of my mother’s side. She is amazing! And, she loves the pines! Especially south pond!!”


Kayden is my service dog and partner. He has been trained to pull a wheelchair, turn lights on and off, open and close doors, and go get hep, or a telephone. He can carry things, retrieve dropped items, and much more. He was trained through Fido’s for freedom, Inc. in Laurel, MD, and trained by volunteers including those in a program t a penitentiary in Cumberland. He and I were matched in 2015: came to live with me in 2016, and we moved to Ocean Pines in 2017. He bring joy and help to myself and others every day.”


“Mia is our eight year old rescue dog. Four years ago, she ruptured a disc in her back. She was paralyzed in her hind legs. Mia is the goodwill ambassador for Seabreeze Road. She greats everyone with a bark and a wag. As a result, everyone knows her name. Another dog owner even carries extra treats for her. On my walks with her around the neighborhood I have met new neighbors and made some friends. A neighbor with a disability also watches out for her and asks about her condition. I think Mia is excellent representation of the Ocean Pines Community. Many of the people living here are disabled. Some have visible disabilities while other do not. Yet, every person I have met on our walks has shown and openness towards Mia’s Disability. I think this is the real spirit of Ocean Pines. We are an inclusive community. So even dogs with disabilities may have been nominated as Pup of the Pines.”


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