This Week at the Farmers & Artisans Market: Feb. 16


Market Events

Your Ocean Pines Market offers “regular market days” year-round for great local shopping, but the market is also a popular community gathering place for lots of special happenings and events for the Worcester County community.

Once again this year, the market will open its gates for more special days. This year’s series of events include a Spring Celebration on Saturday, April 20, followed by the Cinco de Mayo – Latin Themed Market on May 4. New this year, the market will hold its first Bike-In to Market. Shoppers are invited to two-wheel it to some family-friendly shopping at the marketplace! Fun for serious athletes to weekend warriors with kids in tow.


Market News

“Bee” Aware – With spring on the way, it’s a good time to remind ourselves about the unsung heroes that work to provide food on the kitchen table. Sure, our farmers and producers are very important, but the critical contributions of the humble honeybee cannot be overstated. Over one third of our food supply wouldn’t be available, if it weren’t for the pollinating power of the honey bee. Unfortunately, both bees and beekeepers are endangered species. Learn the difference between a honeybee and a yellow jacket (honeybees have rounded, fuzzy, fatter hind ends). Learn much more about the heroic honeybee at the American Beekeepers Federation web site,




Acts of Kindness at the Marketplace – The weather is cold, but the warmth of kindness flows freely at the White Horse Park Marketplace throughout the year. Many people love the Farmers & Artisans Market not just for the edible goodness and unique handmade products, but also for the camaraderie between and among our hundreds of merchants and thousands of shoppers.

Many note that the market is endearing because it’s one of the few places where people co-exist civilly across the widest spectrums of difference in our world today —it’s a place where diversity not only truly exists, but truly works, too. Many people come to the market not just for food and merchandise, but also to be immersed in the community, to give and receive good will.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen many examples of this rapport and kindness that’s so common at the Winter Market. On one of the coldest Saturdays this January, a man walking towards the market saw a woman with a bundled-up baby in her arms, trying to bend down and tie her shoe. The man stopped, knelt down and tied the loose shoe laces, making her day just a little easier!

Such gestures may seem little in size and scope but can be big in effect. With every meaningful gesture like that, the market and the community becomes even better. We know there are hundreds and even thousands of similar acts like the one we have shared. If you see (or do!) one that inspires you, post about it to our Facebook page,


Share Your Memories – “My Nanna always takes my sister and me to the market every Saturday when Mom and Dad bring us to visit her in Ocean Pines. I absolutely love seeing the alpacas and getting kettle korn.” We enjoy hearing these wonderful stories from our market shoppers. So we’ve decided share them with everyone! Will you share your favorite Market memories with us? These memories may be from last year or even last week. Not only will it be fun for the Market to hear and share these stories—they contain inspiration for the Market’s future planning. If you have Market Memories that you’d to share, please email us at We’ll share your Market Memories with all of our friends.



Volunteer with “The Friends” – Would you like to get more immersed in the life of the iconic Ocean Pines Market? Then consider volunteering with the Friends of the Ocean Pines Farmers & Artisans Market! The Friends support and enhance the Market: run education programs, manage the sale of Market-branded merchandise, help organize our many popular events, support other Market special features, lead tours of the Market and much more.

The Friends are a diverse and dedicated group that adds great value to the Market and also enjoys an array of rewarding Market-related experiences! For more information, check out the volunteer opportunities on the Ocean Pines Farmers & Artisans Market webpage, email  or call 410-251-6383.

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