The Golf Members Group

Who We Are: The Golfing Community

The Ocean Pines golfing community consists of an eclectic group of individuals brought together around the activities at the Golf and Country Club. Although the activities are primarily centered around golf, not all of the folks, who come together, are golfers. Some may be spouses of golfers, but others are just folks who come to the club to join their friends and neighbors in different activities. The golfing community is made up of people from all walks of life who have worked hard their whole lives and are now enjoying themselves. Some are retired and some are still working. They welcome, with open arms, new members and anyone who cares to come join in the fun.

The golfers and their friends are not just about having fun. They are a charitable group as well. Several charitable events are planned each year, including a Junior Golf Tournament, a benefit tournament for the Wounded Warriors Foundation and a “Bavarian Hops Match“. Money is raised, each year from these events, to supply scholarships to High School students, helping the Wounded Warriors and in the case of the “Bavarian Hops Match” donate to local charities including Diakania and the Worcester County S.P.C.A.. Another charitable event, that is well attended, is the “Pink Lady Tournament” which raises money to help local women, who can’t afford it, get mammograms. During their annual end of the year banquet, toys are brought by each attendee and are given to retired Marine Corps Veterans, for their “Toys for Tots” campaign. But sometimes it’s not only the local charities that need help. Towards the end of 2012 and into early 2013, two employees were stricken with cancer and both needed several surgeries. Their health care only covered so much and they would not be paid while they were off from work and while they were recuperating. The golfing community came together and donated money to each of them to help them get by during their recovery. Then towards the end of 2013, the wife of another employee, was also diagnosed with cancer and needed major surgery. This couple also had four young children. Again, health care only covered so much and the employee was going to need time off from work. And the worst part was that the surgery was a few weeks before Christmas. The couple was not going to be able to afford presents for the kids for Christmas. Again, the golfing community came together and raised money for the family to help with the mounting health care costs and to give the family the ability to give their children gifts for Christmas. Some also sent dinners to the family the first few nights after the wife came home from the hospital. The total raised over the last two years, in these and other efforts, through the generosity of the golfing community is over $30,000 dollars.

The golfing community is a welcoming group so don’t hesitate to stop by the Golf and Country Club and join in the fun. You don’t have to be a golfer and all are welcome.