Design-Build Services For New Golf Cart Barn

Update Addendum 1 (2.26.19): The deadline to submit this proposal has been extended to March 6, 2019.

OPA is soliciting proposals to provide Design-Build Services for a new Golf Cart Barn. The Request for Proposals outlines the requirements. A layout and floor plan to meet the square footage requirement of +/- 3,300 square feet and a building design that adheres to the governing space limitations of the site shall be provided with any proposal. All work process and procedures shall be accomplished in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, the Rules and Regulations and OPA policies and procedures {the “Governing Documents”), state statute and federal law.

Proposals will be received by the Ocean Pines Association, Inc. until 12 Noon, Friday, February 22, 2019, at which time all proposals will be opened.  Proposals must be mailed or delivered to the General Manager’s Office and received prior to the 12 Noon deadline. Please make sure proposal envelope is labeled appropriately.

Inquiries concerning the bid should be directed to:

John S. Bailey
General Manager
Ocean Pines Association
239 Ocean Parkway
Ocean Pines, Maryland 21811 410-641-7717