Regular Board Meeting Agenda March 29

Thursday, March 29, 2018
7:00 PM, Assateague Room, Community Center

Call to Order –Doug Parks

Pledge of Allegiance – All

Approval of Agenda – Board

Approval of Minutes
February 25, 2018 – Regular Meeting

President’s Remarks – Doug Parks

Treasurer’s Report- Pat Supik

General Manager’s Report – John S. Bailey, CMCA

Public Comments

Capital Purchases Requests-
Golf Sand Rake
Golf Tri-Plex Mower
Golf Trim Mower
Golf Utility Carts
Ventrac Mowers
Golf Fuel System

CPI Violations-
61 Moonraker Rd.

Unfinished Business
Motion – Beach Club Parking Fees – Doug Parks
Motion – Resolution to Remove Safe Harbor from 401K – Pat Supik
Motion – RFP for Professional Finance Management Contract – Tom Herrick
Motion – Mold Remediation Contract- Ted Moroney
Motion – Mosquito Control – Ted Moroney
Motion – Set Employees’ Health Insurance Contribution – Slobodan Trendic
Motion – F&B Contract with Matt Ortt Companies, LLC – Ted Moroney

New Business
Motion – Renew contract with Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. – Slobodan Trendic
Motion – Transfer Casino Funds to Roads Maintenance Reserve – Slobodan Trendic
Motion – Undertake Association Homeowners’ Survey – Slobodan Trendic
Motion – Evaluate the condition of Sanctuary Fishing Pier – Slobodan Trendic
Motion – Conduct Independent review of our Commercial Property Insurance – Slobodan Trendic
Discussion – Mediacom Contract Renewal – Slobodan Trendic

Appointments –
Steve Habeger – Chair – Elections
Frank Daly – 1st Term – Golf
Geraldine Fasulo – 1st Term – Golf
John Noonan – 1st Term – Aquatics
Matt Groves – Chair – Recreation & Parks
Leah Fuller – 1st Term – Recreation & Parks
Tim McMullen – 3rd Term – Recreation & Parks
Jim Wahl – 2nd Term – Recreation & Parks


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