Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Friday, December 9, 2016
10:00 AM, Assateague Room, Community Center


Call to Order – Tom Herrick

Pledge of Allegiance – All

Approval of Agenda – Board


Approval of Minutes

October 17, 2016- Work Session

October 22, 2016- Regular Meeting

November 14, 2016 Special Meeting


President’s Remarks – Tom Herrick

Treasurer’s Report- Pat Supik


General Manager’s Report – Brett Hill


Public Comments


Capital Purchases Requests-

Bridge Change Order

Golf Clubhouse HVAC Budget

Tern Grill


Public Works Truck

CPI Violations-


Old Business


New Business

Motion- To repeal Resolution C-14 (Racquet Sports Advisory Committee) – Tom Herrick


Appointments –

Gerald Horn- 1st Term- Clubs

Rick Turner- 1st Term- Elections

Tom Janasek- 1st Term- Environment

Tom Janasek- 1st Term- Golf

Ginger McGovern- 1st Term- Golf

Larry Davies- 1st Term- Golf

Frank Biancaniello- 1st Term- Golf

Olga Novy- 1st Term- Golf

Joseph Lynch- 1st Term- Golf

Ernie Stiles- 1st Term- Golf

Jim Beisler- 1st Term- Golf

Robert Kessler- 1st Term- Golf

Timothy Mullin- 1st Term- Marine

Frederick Stiehl- 1st Term- Marine

David Adams- 1st Term- Marine

Steven Stein- 1st Term- Marine


Adjournment to Closed Session for Contractual Issues as permitted by the MD Homeowner’s Association Act, Section 11B-111 (4) A meeting of the board of directors or other governing body of the homeowners association or a committee of the homeowners association may be held in closed session only for the following purposes: (vi) Consideration of the terms or conditions of a business transaction in the negotiation stage if the disclosure could adversely affect the economic interests of the homeowners association; Specifically, relating to the Memorandum of Understanding dated September 30, 2011 between the Ocean Pines Association and the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department.


Respectfully submitted:

Slobodan Trendic, Secretary

Agenda Board Packet

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