Golf Club 2016

The Golf Club is receiving attention inside and outside as well as structural repairs. We are 90% complete with Phase I of the Golf Club project. Phase I is Terns Grill, men and women’s bathrooms, men’s locker rooms, and the patio. We have to hang men’s bathroom ceiling grid, paint the men’s locker rooms and bathrooms, and the patio. We are also hanging speakers, TV’s, and drink lines, as well as building the walk-in cooler, then cleanup and CO.

Golf Course Project:
Greens – Golf course started on Wednesday March 8 aerating and topdressing Greens. Due to the nice weather the plan was to aerate 4 to 5 greens a day until play caught up to the workers. The greens were deep tine down to 9 inches with solid tines. And also a quad tine that pulls cores. Estimated time to complete aerating greens with 4 to 5 greens a day would be four days. The project would be complete without closing the course and minimal interference with play.

As of now more than 2/3 of the greens are seeded and aerated. Perhaps after Friday March 10th depending on the weather we will need one more complete day to complete aerating the greens. We will start with aerating and topdressing tees on Monday March 13th with a 2 day completion time.

Fairways have all been aerated and verti-quake this past week of March 6 to the 10th. Future plans for the fairways this spring is to add drainage to Fairways 8 and 9 and also reseed those holes. The plan is to start this project the week of March 13th with an estimated completion date of 10 days. We will also address potholes in fairways with Bent-grass sod from March thru April to be completed.
Landscaping started last week on March 6 with cleaning out and trimming back landscape area on the course. The plan is to update and add color to landscaping on the course. Redesign front lawn landscape at Country Club. This is an ongoing project that should be complete by the end of spring.

Bulkhead repairs are schedule for hole 9 and 18. These repairs are on the list at Public Works and are scheduled in the order they were received.

Week of March 20th, we added bunker sand to the green side bunkers as needed, Also edging and repairing area where sand has been dragged outside of bunker. Completion date is April 15th. Soil Sample was sent out on Greens and Fairways on March 7th, waiting for results to start soil amendments. Estimated time for results is one week.

March 6, the rough on hole 6 was aerated and seeded completed in one day. Future plan is to seed and aerate high traffic areas in the rough an ongoing project thru out the spring up until April 15th. Sod also may be added in low lying areas along.

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