Beach Club Bathroom Renovation 2016

Project Start Date: March 6, 2016 Projected End Date: May 11, 2017

Plans are underway to renovate the Ocean Pines Beach Club bathrooms 2016-2017 and be completed before next season. The contract date for Willows Construction started on 03/06/2017 and will be complete on 05/11/2017. As of today they are 45% complete with the project. The framing is 100% complete, the exhaust is 100% complete, the plumbing is 100% complete, the drywall is 100% complete, and the Ceramic tile is 20% complete with the upstairs bathroom completed. In the next 2 weeks they will be working on the women’s bathroom tile, finishing the dry walling, and the upstairs ceiling grids and partitions. The project is move smoothly and on date.

Gantt Chart

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