Police Put Away Ticket Books, Hand Out Flyers Instead

Police officers in Ocean Pines are flagging vehicles for parking restriction violations this spring season, but officers are not writing tickets. They are using a “bright new, friendlier approach” to curb the violations.

Ocean Pines Police have launched an educational campaign that instructs officers to give drivers who are parked along Ocean Parkway a “friendly flyer” that promotes pedestrian safety.

“For the safety of bikers and pedestrians, as well as the safety of your vehicle, we would request that vehicles are removed from the paved portion of the roadway,” said Police Chief Dave Massey. “We are asking folks for voluntary cooperation on this matter of public safety.”

Ocean Parkway is the main thoroughfare of traffic in Ocean Pines, with the highest speed limit (35 miles per hour) in the community.

Due to the unique design of the parkway, bikes and pedestrians also share a marked 3-foot shoulder. Officers believe parking along the 3-foot shoulder forces bikers and pedestrians to move into the busy roadway in Ocean Pines.

“In the busy summer months, during the daylight hours, we see an increasing number of joggers and bicyclists utilizing this shoulder,” said Chief Massey. “Parking along the paved shoulder, during the daylight hours, forces joggers and bikers to veer into the roadway utilized by motor vehicles.”

The police department will also be distributing new, high-quality helmets to children in need. The free bike helmets can be picked up at the Ocean Pines Police Department, located at 239 Ocean Parkway.

For more information on public safety, visit the Ocean Pines Police Department’s web page at www.oceanpines.org/administration/police/.

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