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P.E.P Club Biography

The P.E.P Club is a social club that was founded in 2011 by a small group of adults with intellectual disabilities and their friends in a club member’s living room. The sole purpose of the P.E.P Club is to provide an arena for intellectually disabled adults in the Ocean Pines/ Ocean City/ Worcester County area to have fun as well as to enjoy companionship with friends and peers on a regular basis. Our club has grown from 23 members to 48 members.  Friends of the P.E.P Club include friends, parents, volunteers & mentors.

Since the beginning, the P.E.P Club has had a social night the last Friday of every month. In the past, activities have included a game night, crafts, movie night, bingo, miniature golf, a harvest dance with a DJ and an end-of-the-summer luau! Social nights are held at the Ocean Pines Community Center.

Please see our calendar below for information on upcoming social nights and other events.  We would love to see you there!!

The P.E.P Club has governing officers that are guided and supported by mentors.

Governing Officers:
President:  Adam Jolles
Vice President:  Lisa Seybold
Treasurer:   Amy Azadi
Secretary:   Gretchen Cooper

Contact information
Katie Goetzinger
Ocean Pines Recreation & Parks
Email kgoetzinger@oceanpines.org