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All Things Fresh This Spring:

Our Marketing and Public Relations team profiles the Ocean Pines Community Garden and its devoted member Bill Baeder, of Ocean Pines.

Tern Grille in Last Stretch of Renovations: 

Director of Venues at Ocean Pines Brian Townsend gives us an update on the renovations to the Tern Grille. Let’s just say the keyword in this video is “NEW.”

Happy Cleat Indoor Soccer Clinic Ceremony:

WRDE NBC News Profiles Ocean Pines 90-Year-Old Resident

Recent Changes and The Cove at Mumford’s Restaurant

The Cove at Mumford’s in Ocean Pines is open to the public. Enjoy our coastal cuisines with a beautiful marina backdrop. Stop in and tell them we sent you! Cheers!

Staff members with the Ocean Pines Association delivered baskets of food to families in Ocean Pines. Each department within the association has donated items that would serve as a turkey feast the 2016 holiday season.

Folks were able to show off their vocal skills at DJ Donnie’s Karaoke Night in Ocean Pines. It was such a hit that The Cove at Mumford’s restaurant is hosting a Karaoke Night EVERY Wednesday for now on.