Ocean Pines Weekend Guide: July 6

Get Ready for a Summer That’s Bigger & Bolder in Ocean Pines: A sunny sky coupled with yummy ‘beach-style eats’ and a cold beverage make for a great day at the Ocean Pines Beach Club. Tap into your weekend with a draft beer or wrap up the work week with a grab-and-go delicious wrap. The Ocean Pines Beach Club, where golden sand dances between your toes and where your taste buds are allowed to dive into the deep end. Enjoy family beach fun or time with the fellas or girls this weekend.
Wash down the remnants of this week with a chilled glass of Orange Crush. Then push out of the box with one of our signature Crushes. Pull up a seat at the Tiki Bar or sit inside. Our friendly staff and top-rated menus await.
Plus, get a gentle yet effective workout with Aqua Yoga at the Beach Club Pool! Our ONLY outdoor session of the year begins July 11 from 8-8:45 am. Held Wednesdays and Fridays through August 17.
That and more can be found in the Ocean Pines Weekend Guide: July 6.

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