Normandy Flag to Be First Raised at Yacht Club

Ocean Pines is honored to have the first flag to be raised at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club by WWII and D-Day survivors Elmer Muth and John Sauer.  Both men landed at Omaha Beach in France, early in the morning on June 6th, 1944 amid a hail of firestorm from enemy troops.  As a quartermaster in the Navy, Elmer was in the 6th Wave and narrowly escaped when his landing craft was hit and was taking on water.  He eventually spent 4 weeks living in tents on this beach.


John Sauer, USA, also landed at Omaha in the 4th Wave, was wounded and was awarded a Purple Heart for his bravery.  Both men will be present to raise a flag that originally flew over the American Cemetery at Normandy.  This was also the first flag that flew over the Worcester County Veterans Memorial at Ocean Pines.


The flag raising and brief ceremony will be held at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club on Saturday, Jan 10th at 11 AM and is open to the public.  A reception will follow in the Ocean Pines Yacht Club.


For more information call Marie Gilmore at 410-726-2881 or Sharyn O’Hare at 410-603-4777.





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