Neighborhood Watch Crime Bulletin # 60


Our Latest and Greatest Crime Bulletin

The Summer Season Begins:

The summer season brings new challenges in the area of public safety.  There will be a dramatic increase in both bicycle and pedestrian traffic on our Parkway and the side streets.  Drivers must increase their vigilance when operating their vehicles.  Last year, there were 108 traffic accidents investigated by our Police Department in Ocean Pines.  Please drive carefully and within our posted speed limits.


  • Internet Scams:


A 96 year old resident was scammed out of $40,000 in two separate internet transactions.  The         scammer alleged that victim had won over $950,000 and needed money from the victim to complete the transaction.  Most of these scammers live overseas and are beyond the range of prosecution.  In

this case, police are actively pursuing an investigation, as the suspects live in the United States.


Once again, this crime points out the “something for nothing” philosophy that criminals use to entice victims into giving into their scams.  Almost ALL telephone and internet transactions initiated by the CALLER are scams.  The only internet and telephone transactions that are secure are those initiated by the resident to a secure, legitimate website.


  • Home Improvement Scams:


When you have home improvement people in your home, do you limit their access and monitor their actions?  An Ocean Pines resident contracted with a local home improvement company for home repairs.  The resident gave the key to his home to the contractor and left.  Police later responded to a $40,000 theft report at the home.  After an intensive investigation, police later arrested three suspects in this case.  It could have been prevented.


Never allow home improvement personnel unsupervised in your home.  Limit their access to only the areas of improvement and never leave valuables, such as jewelry, in plain view.


  • Thefts from Unlocked Autos:


Six resident vehicles were entered and had property taken.  ALL the vehicles were unlocked. Residents left valuable property, such as cash and wallets, in plain view.  Ocean Pines is not immune from crime, and basic crime prevention can lower your chances to be a victim.  NO locked vehicles were entered.


  • Drug Dealer Arrested and Convicted:


A drug dealer was convicted and received a 35 year prison sentence for providing the drugs to an Ocean Pines resident, which resulted in an overdose death.  Police and the States Attorney’s Office coordinated this investigation, which is a landmark case.


  • Drunk Driving Arrests:


Since our last Crime Bulletin, police arrested five (5) suspected drunk drivers.   One arrest was a result of a hit and run traffic accident at our North Gate Bridge.  Summer traffic will result in an increase in the number of suspected drunk drivers on our roads.  Please drive defensively.


  • Domestic Violence Arrests:


Police arrested three (3) individuals in three separate incidents, for domestic assault.


  • Heroin Overdose Death:


Unrelated to the above drug dealer arrest, another resident died of an overdose from suspected heroin. As we have discussed in previous Crime Bulletins, heroin abuse is a growing national problem. No community is immune from this abuse, as a small packet of heroin can sell for as little as $10-15. As a purely residential community, we are particularly vulnerable to this drug abuse.  Addicts often resort to property crime to feed their habit.  Basic crime prevention by residents can reduce your vulnerability to these types of crime.


  • New Police Officer Graduates


Officer Paul Hogan recently graduated from the regional Police Academy at Wor-Wic Community College.  There were 25 graduates from various local police agencies, and Office Hogan was the top firearms expert, with a cumulative average of 100 percent!  Basic police training requires 26 weeks of training with over 900 instructional objectives, which must be successfully completed. In addition to academy training, recruits must additionally complete 2-6 weeks of field training, once they graduate.


Chief David C. Massey, Ed.D.          Ocean Pines Police Department

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