Neighborhood Watch Crime Bulletin # 58


Our Latest and Greatest Crime Bulletin


Ocean Pines Police Announce  a New Facebook Page:

The Ocean Pines Police Department now has its own Facebook page. Check it out!

Domestic Violence Arrests:

Police arrested five (5) different suspects for domestic violence-related 2nd Degree Assaults, since our last Crime Bulletin. Three of the five assaults were domestic violence-related.

Christmas Season Thefts:

Every new holiday season brings with it new electronic devices.  The laser Star Lights device, which projects hundreds of stars on a home was a popular theft target during the last holiday season..  We received several theft reports of devices from the yards of our residents.  Our investigation of these thefts is on-going.

Drug Overdoses:

Police recently responded to two drug overdoses, including an overdose death, which is suspected from heroin.

Drunk Driving Arrests:

Police arrested four (4) individuals for driving while intoxicated, since our last Crime Bulletin.

Internal Revenue(IRS) Scam:

With tax season upon us, the volume of telephone and internet scams from fake Internal Revenue callers increases.  The IRS DOES NOT call or utilize telephone or internet postings. ALL are scams designed to get financial information from you. Hang up and do not respond.

Warrant Service:

Ocean Pines Police are often called upon to serve outstanding arrest warrants from outside police agencies, if the suspect resides in Ocean Pines.  Although these arrests are not statistically counted for Ocean Pines, but rather the originating agency, we nevertheless participate in an arrest. Three (3) outstanding warrants were served by our Officers, since our last Bulletin.

Police Promotions:

Two Police Officers were recently promoted to the rank of Corporal in Ocean Pines.  The Corporal rank is a first line supervisory position, and requires mandatory training by the Maryland Police Training Commission.  The promotional process consisted of a written test and an intensive oral interview process.  Three outside police agency supervisors sat on the board. PFC Ricky Kerrigan and PFC Kyle Jones were both promoted to the rank of Corporal.

Home Security Checks:

If you are leaving Ocean Pines for 30 consecutive days or more, the Police Department can provide occasional security checks on your residence.  Please stop by the Police Station and fill out a short form for our Officers to consult, while on patrol.  If you have other special circumstances where you will be gone for a shorter period, call us and we will decide if your circumstance warrant our attention.

House Number Signs:

Have you ever seen the yard house number signs in Ocean Pines, close to the roadway?  These durable high visibility signs assist police and fire services in quickly locating residences in case of emergency.  As you can imagine, with no street lights in Ocean Pines, it can be very challenging for police and fire to locate a residence.

House numbers are usually  located in many different locations on homes, and are often many feet from the roadway. The Kiwanis Club of Ocean Pines provides two different services regarding yard house number signs. If you wish to purchase a new sign the cost is $35.  If you wish for them to re-paint an OLD sign, the cost is only $10.  Both forms for the purchase of these services, as well as an example of the sign, are available in the lobby of the Ocean Pines Administrative Building.  I highly recommend you consider this service.


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                                        Chief David C. Massey, Ed.D.

Ocean Pines Police Department


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