Neighborhood Watch Crime Bulletin # 56


Our Latest and Greatest Crime Bulletin

Heroin Addiction:
As you have probably read, the problem of heroin addiction is a national problem. Every community now faces the consequences of cheap heroin, and the resulting pain and suffering caused by this most serious and dangerous addiction. Police and emergency medical workers are now responding to overdose cases, which all too often result in accidental death. We in Ocean Pines are not immune to this problem as a recent overdose death in our community indicates.
There are other criminal consequences of this addiction. Addicts, in desperation, often resort to criminal activity to raise money for a fix. They may break into a residence to steal jewelry or other goods to sell. Recently, we arrested a 17 year old who had burglarized several residences. He was a heroin addict with a substantial habit.
Our State government has formed a task force to analyze and address the growing problem of heroin addiction. The Ocean Pines Police Department has applied for a federal grant to fund an additional police officer position, which shall enable us to place an officer in the county-wide Criminal Enforcement Team (CET). This unit, under the direction of our Sheriff, is specifically addressing narcotics trafficking. We work closely with this unit, but having our own officer in the unit will provide an additional level of enforcement in Ocean Pines.

Uber Driver Assault:
A 25 year old Pocomoke man was charged with Second Degree Assault after assaulting an Uber taxi driver in Ocean Pines. Citizens should recognize that driving a self-regulated taxi service is not without danger.

Jet Ski Theft Arrest:
While on patrol, an Ocean Pines Police Officer noticed suspicious activity at a residence in Ocean Pines. Two individuals were hooking up a trailer carrying two jet skis in the early morning hours. Upon seeing the Officer, the suspects attempted to flee the scene, towing the stolen jet skis. A high speed pursuit into Delaware then occurred, with the suspects apprehended in Delaware. The jet skis were recovered and the owners notified. The two suspects involved are awaiting charges in Delaware and then face extradition to Maryland.
Evidence obtained through Search and Seizure warrants in this case resulted in several other case clearances, including another stolen Jet Ski in Wicomico County. It is believed the suspects may have a heroin addiction.

Drunk Driving Arrests:
Since our last Crime Bulletin, Ocean Pines Officers have arrested six (6) individuals for Drunk Driving.

Domestic Assault Arrests:
Police arrested two individuals for domestic assault, in two separate incidents.

Phone and Internet Scams:
Here is a list of recent phone scams our residents have reported to us. The best advice is NEVER to give sensitive information over the phone, unless you have INITIATED the call, to a trusted site:
a) Improved Credit Card Scam:
In this scam, the criminal states that he/she is from the credit card company and can give you an improved or lower rate. Once they get your credit card information, they empty your account.
b) Family Hostage Scam:
The victim receives a telephone call saying a family member (usually a grandchild) is being held hostage or under arrest and needs bail or hostage release money. Money is then wired to the scammer, usually out of country.
c) Computer Money Gram Scam:
The victim answers an email that promises to make him/her money through an investment. A fake check is sent the victim, who cashes the check then wires the money to the website in the hope of making a profit. Check then bounces and the victim wires the money out of country.
d) Internal Revenue Scam:
A telephone call, allegedly from the Internal Revenue Service, demands payment of “back taxes”. Money is then wired to scammers, who vanish.
e) Craigslist Scam:
Victim advertises an item on Craigslist, and responds to a potential “buyer” who sends a bogus Paypal confirmation of payment. The victim then sends the item to the scammer, without payment.

Special Events:
Police and our Neighborhood Watch assisted with traffic control at the local Craft Fair and Classic Car Show and parade. Thank you Neighborhood Watch!!!

Suspicious Activity:
When you suspect suspicious activity, please CALL THE POLICE. There are times, after a crime has occurred, when a neighborhood check reveals a resident who saw the suspect, but being unsure of what was happening, failed to call the police. We often hear, “I didn’t want to BOTHER the police” or “I didn’t want to get involved!” It is the JOB of your police department to investigate suspicious activity. There are times, when it turns out that the individual we investigate was NOT committing a crime, but all too often there WAS criminal activity afoot.
If you wish to call us, but remain anonymous, we will accept the call. Your phone call could be the difference in solving a serious crime. Please CALL, when in doubt!


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David C. Massey, Ed.D.
Chief of Police

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