Neighborhood Watch Crime Bulletin # 55



Our Latest and Greatest Crime Bulletin


Theft of Guns:

An Ocean Pines couple went on a Caribbean vacation and left their teenage daughter at home.  Of course, the daughter had a party at the house, without her parent’s permission.  One of the “guests” located two pistols in a closet and stole them.  An extensive police investigation resulted in the arrest of an 18 year old and the recovery of one of the weapons.  The suspect will not divulge the location of the second weapon.  The investigation is continuing.

First Degree Assault:

An Ocean Pines resident was assaulted while walking one of our community trails.  The victim was shot at by a BB gun from a resident in an adjoining home.  The suspect was identified by police and charged with 1st Degree Assault. The victim was unknown to the suspect.

Suspect Arrested for DUI Four Times in 12 Days:

A 57 year old resident was charged with Driving While Intoxicated on four separate occasions within a 12 day period.  He is now residing in the Worcester County Detention Center.

Suspect Arrested for Drunk Driving and Leaving the Scene of an Accident:

A prominent 59 year old resident was arrested for drunk driving and leaving the scene of a property damage accident. The suspect lost control of his vehicle, while intoxicated, and drove into a parked vehicle at an Ocean Pines residence, causing extensive damage to the vehicle and yard landscaping. The suspect then fled the scene, but police investigation followed a trail of radiator fluid and damage back to the suspect’s residence.  The suspect was charged with numerous traffic charges, including driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

Domestic Assault Arrest:

In a residential community, like Ocean Pines, police are often called to domestic disputes.  In this case, a 57 year old resident was arrested for Second Degree Assault as the result of a domestic incident.  In cases where police view injury, Maryland law requires the police to make an arrest.  This insures safety of the victim and prevents a reoccurrence of violence.

Warrant Arrests:

Police made two recent warrant service arrests.  Crimes committed in other jurisdictions often result in warrants being issued for suspects who may have moved to a new residence.  When the suspect is located in Ocean Pines, we serve the warrant and take them into custody.

Runaway Arrests:

With the summer season upon us, an influx of troubled youths who run away from home to go to Ocean City occurs.  At times, we are able to locate some youths who may be in Ocean Pines.  Recently we located two runaways and returned them to their families.

Car Fire:

Police were able to pull an individual out of a car that had caught fire from mechanical reasons.  This is the second such incident in recent months.  As first responders, police often flirt with danger at life threatening situations.  They also may be the first responder on the scene of a heart attack or life threatening event.  Ocean Pines Police have Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in their vehicles in cases of heart attacks.  They have been used, periodically.

Heroin Death:

Heroin has unfortunately become the drug of choice for drug users.  The effects of an overdose of heroin can result in death.  Our nation, and Maryland, has seen a dramatic increase in heroin-related deaths. A 23 year old Ocean Pines resident died as a result of an apparent overdose.  Police conduct investigations on ALL deaths occurring in Ocean Pines.

Theft Arrests:

Police charged two individuals with theft in two unrelated incidents.

DUI Arrests:

Since our last Bulletin, police have charged 11 individuals with Driving While Intoxicated.  As the summer progresses, and beach traffic and partying increases, police must deal with problems that arise.  Please remember to have a designated driver or call a taxi should you decide to drink to excess.

Special Events:

Ocean Pines Police, along with our Neighborhood Watch volunteers, assist at all large special events. Recently we assisted at the Memorial Day Celebration at our Veteran’s Memorial, traffic control, along with the Sheriff’s Department and State Police, at the 4th of July Fireworks Celebration at Showell Park.

We Need Your Help to Take A Bite Out of Crime:

Information gathered from citizens is a critical component in effective law enforcement.  Criminals often like to talk about their activities, and citizens are the eyes and ears of our community.  Suspicious activity needs to be reported, and it is often the alert observations of a citizen that provides critical information to the police.   Information can be passed along anonymously to the Police Department.


Chief David C. Massey, Ed.D.

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