Neighborhood Watch Crime Bulletin # 53


Our Latest and Greatest Crime Bulletin

Information gathered from citizens is a critical component in effective law enforcement.  Criminals often like to talk about their activities, and citizens are the eyes and ears of our community.  Suspicious activity needs to be reported, and it is often the alert observations of a citizen that provides critical information to the police.  With this in mind, I may be highlighting an unsolved case in each Crime Bulletin with the hope that one of our citizens may have heard or seen something that was not reported to the police. Information can be passed along anonymously to the listed investigator.

  • Burglary Information:

How do some burglars commit their crimes?  A recent example may help prevent a burglary. In this case, a heroin addict was visiting with a friend in Ocean Pines. To serve his addiction, he committed several burglaries in the neighborhood where he was staying.  How did he do this?

The burglar would walk up to the front door and knock on the door.  If someone answered the door he would say he was looking for a fictitious person, and move on to the next house. When he located an unoccupied house, he would go around to the back of the house, break-in and steal jewelry.  Jewelry could be quickly pawned for money for a drug fix.

These burglaries were committed during the DAYLIGHT hours.  What can you do to prevent them?  If someone knocks on your door and asks for someone you do not know, CALL THE POLICE to check this person out. You may have just had a burglar checking your home out! An arrest was made in this case and most of the stolen property was recovered.  Heroin addiction is a national trend and is a driving force in many property crimes.  Ocean Pines is no exception to this trend.


  • Second Burglary Arrest:

In an unrelated case, police arrested a burglar and charged him with two burglaries and one additional attempted burglary. In this case most of the property was NOT recovered. Suspect was a heroin addict.



  • Police Save a Life:

In this case, police received information that a man was suicidal and was going to hang himself in Ocean Pines.  An Ocean Pines Officer and a Maryland State Trooper entered the residence and found the man hanging. After performing emergency CPR, the man was brought back to life and fully recovered.  He was sent to a local hospital for psychological evaluation.  These officers shall be officially commended for their actions.

  • Domestic Violence Arrests:

In separate incidents, police arrested four individuals for domestic violence.

  • Police Officers Assaulted:

While investigating a reported domestic incident, two Ocean Pines Officers were assaulted.

  • Drug Overdose Death:

Police investigated a suspected heroin overdose death.  Unfortunately, this is has become a national problem.  Some facts about our national drug problems:

1)      Drug overdose was the leading cause of injury death in 2012. Among people 25 to 64 years of age, drug overdose caused more deaths than motor vehicle crashes.

2)      In 2012 there were 41,502 drug overdose deaths in the United States.

3)      Heroin-related deaths in Maryland spiked 88 percent from 2011 to 2013.  This is a national trend.

4)      Drug misuse and abuse caused about 2.5 million emergency department visits in 2011, of which more than 1.4 million visits were related to pharmaceuticals.


  • Drunk Driving Arrests:


Since our last Crime Bulletin, police arrested 3 more suspected drunk drivers.


  • Veteran’s Day Ceremony:

Police and our Neighborhood Watch were on-duty directing traffic at our annual Veteran’s Day ceremony at the OP Veteran’s Memorial.   A hearty thank you to our Neighborhood Watch volunteers!

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Chief David C. Massey, Ed.D.

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