Neighborhood Watch Crime Bulletin #49

Thefts from Autos:

In only one evening, over 20 parked vehicles in North Ocean Pines were entered and property was taken from inside the UNLOCKED vehicles. This occurred within a two block area. Although the investigation is still ongoing, we have been able to obtain arrest warrants for one of the suspects and recovered some of the stolen property. There are TWO main points to be learned from these thefts:

1) ALL vehicles that were entered were UNLOCKED. Thieves usually BYPASS locked
vehicles. Do NOT leave valuables in unlocked cars.
2) Write down or retain serial numbers of your property. An IPAD serial number was a critical part of this investigation.

Domestic Incident Arrests:

1) A 22 year old Salisbury man was arrested for violation of a domestic protective order in Ocean Pines.
2) A 32 year old female Delaware woman was arrested for domestic assault.
3) An 18 year old female and a 15 year old female were arrested for domestic violence.

Burglary/Theft Arrests:

Two juveniles were arrested for burglary and theft at an Ocean Pines residence.

Driving Under the Influence Arrests:
Since our last Crime Bulletin, Ocean Pines Police have arrested SIX (6) individuals for driving under the influence in Ocean Pines.

Drug Arrests/Narcotics Investigations:

Since our last Crime Bulletin, Ocean Pines Police have been involved and assisted on five (5)narcotics search warrants at Ocean Pines addresses. These were on-going drug investigations with the County Narcotics Task Force. As information is developed both inside and outside Ocean Pines, law enforcement cooperatively shares this information, and assists each other in the arrest of offenders.

Theft Arrests:
In two separate incidents, police made minor Theft arrests.

Police Academy Graduations:

Two recent police vacancies have been filled by two newly graduated police recruits. Officer Eric Otey, Jr, was elected by his classmates to be class speaker at the Entrance Level Police Academy located at Wor Wic Community College. The State of Maryland mandates a 26 week Police academy for all newly certified police. Officer Otey, Jr. also received a physical fitness award, and Ocean Pines other recruit, Officer Harry Miller, received a firearms proficiency award. Chief David Massey and Ocean Pines General Manager Bob Thompson also attended the Graduation Ceremony.

Thank Your Neighborhood Watch!
Members of Ocean Pines Neighborhood Watch assisted Ocean Pines Police in two separate community events with traffic control. At both the Community Craft Fair and the Veteran’s Day Memorial, these non-paid volunteers generously donated their services. They are an invaluable Community resource.

Thank You Pine’eer Craft Club!
The Pine’eer Craft Club recently donated $1,500 to the Ocean Pines Police Department to
enable them to purchase an in-vehicle printer for a new driver’s license automatic recognition program, called ETIX. This enables our Officers to scan driver’s licenses into several automated databases without the need to write citations long-hand. Ocean Pines applied for a grant of six of these devices, but was only awarded two of them. Now we have THREE, thanks to the Pine’eer Club!

Join Neighborhood Watch! – Take a Bite out of Crime!!!

Chief David C. Massey, Ed.D.
Ocean Pines Police Department / 410-641-7747

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