Neighborhood Crime Watch Bulletin #45

Neighborhood Watch Crime Bulletin #45

To All Our Neighborhood Watch Personnel:


Our Latest and Greatest Crime Bulletin



  • ·         2012- Preliminary Crime Data:


            Police calls for service topped the 11,000 mark (11,136) for only the second time in the    department’s history in 2012.  The only other time this happened was in 2007, during the             height of the building boom. Perhaps this indicates some economic recovery.  Serious   crime numbers appear down slightly, but final review awaits the FBI validation process. I    have seen some deviation in numbers after final review, so we will await a final             accounting. 


  • ·         Identity Thieves Arrest:


            Three Russian nationals, living in Ocean Pines, were arrested by Ocean Pines Police       and charged with possession of illegal scanning devices, under Maryland law. These             arrests were made during the service of a federal search warrant in a joint investigation         with federal law enforcement. A federal investigation is still on-going.


  • ·         Driving While Intoxicated Arrests:


            Since our last Crime Bulletin ten driving while intoxicated arrests were made.

            Did you know that in Worcester County, you have a higher probability in being injured in   a traffic accident than any other criminal event?  Drunk driving is a serious crime.



  • ·         Changes in Moped/Scooter Laws:


Effective October 1, there are a number of laws that go in effect concerning

mopeds and scooters.  All motor scooters and mopeds must be titled and

insured, while operators and passengers must wear a helmet. Eye protection

will be required if there is no windshield. These new requirements are in addition

to existing law that requires all motor scooter and moped operators to possess

a valid driver’s license or moped operator’s permit. When a moped or motor

scooter is properly titled by the state, the vehicle owner will be provided with

a DECAL that must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle.


The only traffic fatality this year in Ocean Pines involved a motor scooter in which the operator was not wearing a helmet.








  • ·         Child Abuse Arrests:


            As the largest residential community in Worcester County, our Police Department often

            deals with family issues.  Unfortunately, as in every residential community, we must deal

            with complaints of child abuse, both physical and sexual abuse.  Since our last Crime       Bulletin, our Officers have made several arrests for child abuse.  These types of           complaints are investigated jointly with the County Department of Social Services.  Complaints can originate from residents, victims, and school and health providers.    


  • ·         Death Investigations:


            Every death in Ocean Pines, be it from natural causes, suicide, or criminal activity            requires a formal police investigation, and a review by the attending physician and     medical examiner. We have investigated four deaths since the last Crime Bulletin.

            None of these deaths was as a result of criminal activity.


  • ·          Hit and Run Accident:


            Under our Mutual Police Aid agreement, we assist the State Police and the Sheriff’s                      Department in the surrounding area when they are bust elsewhere.  This also works

            in reverse, when we need their help in Ocean Pines.  Recently we were able to

            make an arrest of an intoxicated hit and run driver who we located traveling the

            wrong way on Route 90.  The State Police were busy elsewhere and we were happy

            to make the apprehension of a very intoxicated driver in the middle of the day!!!


  • ·         Theft Arrest:


            A 17 year old juvenile reported that he had been the victim of a theft, and burglary.

            Our investigation revealed that he had ripped off drug dealers, who were attempting

            retribution.  He will be charged and the drug dealers identified.






Take a Bite Out of Crime:


  • Join Neighborhood  Watch!
  • Always Lock Your Car and Home!
  • Never Drink and Drive!




                                                  Chief David C. Massey, Ed.D.

                                                  Ocean Pines Police Department   

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