Landscapes Unlimited Update

LU Plan Dec 2015

Appointed golf representatives from the Ocean Pines Board: Pat Renaud, President; Tom Terry, Treasurer; Bill Cordwell, Director, and Bob Thompson, General Manager, met with representatives of Landscapes Unlimited (LU): Tom Everett, President; Scott Nissley, Regional Manager; John Malinowski, Golf Pro; and Rusty McLendon, Superintendent to discuss year to date results for the Ocean Pines Golf and Country Club, as well as the initial draft of their 2016/2017 Fiscal Year Business Plan. Following the meeting, a summary of the findings from the meeting was distributed to the remainder of the Board.  A finalized LU Business Plan will be presented during the January Budget meetings.  The budget meetings are open to the public. A copy of the summary report from the results meeting is currently available on the website for viewing.


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