Forms & Documents - Aquatics Program Flyers

Document Name Description
Easter Egg Dive & Pool Party

Splash on in and gather up as many eggs as you can at this annual event at the Sports Core Pool on Friday, April 19 from 5:30-8 pm.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Come party with an amazing lineup of characters at the Sports Core Pool in May. The public event is a ticketed event and will not disappoint.

Aqua Circuit

This class uses a variety of exercises using aqua trampolines and bikes. This is a high-intensity class for a total-body workout you won’t want to miss!

Kickboxing & Aqua Jam Blended Class

Two awesome workouts, one awesome class! Sessions start September 10, October 29 and December 17 at the Sports Core Pool.

Aqua Trampoline Class

Join us for a fun and energizing workout to bounce and burn your way to cardio fitness with this low-impact, high-intensity class!

Hydrorider Water Cycling

Try our new user-friendly, in-water cycling bikes perfect for any skill level! Sign up at the Sports Core Pool.

Shape Ups H20

Fun total-body workout set to music while using pool noodles, water jugs and foam barbells.

Water Boot Camp Fitness

This higher-intensity water fitness program provides the benefits of a pool with little to no impact on joints.

Host Your Next Event at the Sports Core Pool

The indoor Sports Core Pool is the perfect setting for your next event. Book a pool party today!

Aqua Jog

Aqua jogging is the perfect workout for everyone, especially runners. It’s a great neuromuscular workout with aerobic benefits and helps keep the running-specific muscles active.

Creaky Joints

This class focuses on balance, flexibility and working all joints of the body. It is particularly suited for individuals with arthritis or muscular disorders that impair movement.

Aqua Yoga

This low-impact class makes it possible for those with joint paint to improve their strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Super Sharks

This program offers a high-intensity workout that will improve your stroke technique and allow you to become a more efficient swimmer.  For ages 18 and up.

Wet Works Too

A very fun and active water exercise offering a whole-body workout using kickboards, noodles, barbells and stretch cords.

Wet Works I

A whole-body exercise class using kickboards, noodles, barbells and stretch cords.

Deep Water Swimmin Wimmin

Enjoy an impact-free workout that combines aerobic exercises with stretching and strength training with styrofoam dumbbells.

Shallow Water Swimmin Wimmin

Start your day using the resistance of the water to reshape your body, improve balance and increase bone density.

Water Aerobics

This fun, energetic exercise program will give you results without being too hard on your body. The class is set to music!