E-lert #1 – Weather Advisory Update


Ocean Pines Association
Weather E-lert  #1

01 October 2015

Update on Local Weather Conditions

Residents warned to secure outdoor items
Worcester County Emergency Services (WCES) warns the public to prepare now for two weather emergencies expected to threaten the Eastern Shore and cause coastal flooding, heavy rainfall and strong winds beginning as early as Friday.
Tie down boats. Secure residential and construction items, which can become dangerous projectiles during high winds. Other steps to take include the following:
  • Gather candles, matches, flashlights, batteries and a portable radio in the event of a power outage
  • Have water on hand as well as canned and packaged foods that do not require cooking or refrigeration
  • Those served by wells should fill containers with water to use in cleaning and flushing toilets in the event of power outages
  • Assemble an emergency kit that contains prescription and other needed medicines, extra clothing and other supplies used by your family
  • Three days’ supply of canned, non-perishable, ready-to-eat FOOD
  • Three days’ supply of WATER (a total of three gallons per family member)
  • Battery-operated RADIO and extra batteries
  • FLASHLIGHT and extra batteries
  • One week’s prescription MEDICATIONS
  • Personal TOILETRIES
  • Non-electric CAN OPENER and UTENSILS
  • SPECIAL NEEDS items:
    • INFANT care items
    • Items for ELDERLY family members
    • Items for relatives with DISABILITIES
  • Store important DOCUMENTS in a waterproof, safe location

In Case You Need To Evacuate:

  • Keep your vehicle’s gas level at a minimum of half-a-tank.
  • Every family member must carry CONTACT INFORMATION:
    • All phone numbers at work, school, etc. for every family member
    • The name and number of a relative who lives out-of-state, to call in case your family gets separated.
These are the basics.
Ocean Pines Association –  Public Works, Emergency Service Teams, and other key personnel will continue to work closely with state and other local agencies to monitor and prepare for these storms. Residents may visit www.co.worcester.md.us to register to receive instant notification by cell phone about disasters and other emergencies that develop. Tune in to the Town of Ocean City’s FM Advisory Radio Station at 99.5 and 100.3, as well as local news stations to receive current information and instructions as the storms progress.
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Photos taken at the Ocean Pines Beach Club 10/1/15 by Margaret Long. 
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declares a state of emergency
on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 1, 2015
REISTERSTOWN, Md. (WBOC/AP)- Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has declared a state of emergency to allow emergency responders to begin to prepare for flooding from heavy rains and damage from a hurricane.The governor spoke Thursday afternoon from the Maryland Emergency Management Agency in Reisterstown. “While the path of Hurricane Joaquin remains uncertain, taking proactive measures is the first step in preparing for extreme weather and will ensure that resources are available in the areas with the greatest need,” Hogan said. “At this time we are strongly encouraging Marylanders to use common sense in the days ahead and look after family members and neighbors who might need assistance. Now is the time to start preparing for possible flooding or any other hazards.”

Drenching storms are moving up the East Coast, a region already swamped by rain from earlier this week. The waters have done damage in the Carolinas and southwest Virginia, and could cause power outages and close roads in the Mid-Atlantic.The approach of Hurricane Joaquin could intensify the damage, but rain is forecast across the region regardless of that storm’s path.

Phone: 410.520.5283 | 410.520.5284
Current Storm System to Bring Rain, With Flooding Expected to Begin Tomorrow Morning/AfternoonFLOOD ZONE MAP

OCEAN CITY, MD – (October 1, 2015): Town of Ocean City officials and emergency personnel are continuing to monitor the current storm system, in addition to the path of Hurricane Joaquin. While the track of the hurricane is unknown at this time, the town is preparing for large amounts of rain and the likelihood of flooding due to the current weather system beginning Friday, October 2.
Preparedness efforts have begun in advance of the storm, with staff completing pre-storm action items and closing the sea wall gates. In addition, the Inlet Lot will be closed beginning at midnight, October 2, in preparation of flooding during tidal cycles. Residents and property owners in ALL Zone A and B locations should prepare for moderate to severe flooding beginning in the early morning hours tomorrow, October 2. Preparedness efforts include tying up water vessels, removing outdoor furniture and securing objects susceptible to wind and flooding.
Before, during and after the storm, the Town of Ocean City will be posting storm related information on various websites, social media outlets and through the Emergency Alert system. In an effort to keep citizens informed with the most updated and accurate information, the Town of Ocean City will be posting storm related information on the following outlets:
* City Wide Emergency Alerts: http://oceancitymd.gov/enews
* Town of Ocean City Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TownOfOceanCity
* Town of Ocean City Twitter: @townofoceancity
* Town of Ocean City website: www.oceancitymd.gov
* FM Advisory Radio Station – 99.5
* Town of Ocean City Access Channels 4 & 15
* Emergency Management Hotline: 410-723-6666

The Town of Ocean City’s Emergency Services personnel will be working closely with local and state representatives to provide citizens with timely, accurate and essential information before, during and after the storm. Citizens are encouraged to Know Your Zone and Division and be prepared for any impact the storm may have on Ocean City. To begin preparing, citizens should build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan for potential relocation during a flooding event. For more information regarding storm preparedness, please visit: http://www.ready.gov/hurricanes

 Ocean Pines Association
The first part of planning for a Hurricane is to be prepared.  Please review these tips and use other resources necessary to get you and your family ready for this storm that is heading our way. Ocean Pines Public Works, Emergency Service Teams, and other key personnel will continue to meet and prepare for the storm.  We will keep you informed via these elerts by email and they will also be posted on our website www.oceanpines.org   Follow us on facebook page @ Ocean Pines Association.
Thank you for your cooperation.  Do your part – BE PREPARED!

Teresa Travatello
Ocean Pines Assocation
Public Relations Director


Bob Thompson
Ocean Pines Association
General Manager

Non-Emergency Police 410-641-7747

All Emergencies, Dial 911.

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