Chief Massey Speaks to Kiwanis Club

The Ocean Pines community is fortunate to have a well-trained and dedicated police department headed by Chief Dave Massey, who got out of his sick bed to be the guest speaker at the weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club on Wednesday, Jan. 10. We are safe in Ocean Pines, which is rated the safest community in Maryland. Chief Massey recently addressed the graduates of the Police Academy emphasizing three words: Duty, Honor and Community. That’s the mantra for the Ocean Pines police. Think about the recent snow storm Grayson. It necessitated a “Snow Emergency”, which means that people should not be on the road. However, that also means that police still are patrolling and assisting the community as it’s their duty, regardless of conditions. Chief Massey referred to the tension caused by a small minority of “bad apples” among the 650,000 police serving our nation. Without Honor, there can be no trust.

He spoke about “keeping your eye on the ball”, meaning while we are safe, crime still occurs here, especially those fueled by the drug epidemic. There are burglaries, robberies, overdoses (some leading to death), DUIs, and domestic abuse, to name some. When anyone sees suspicious activity, such as someone pulling on car doors or seemingly out of place, please immediately report it to the police. It can make a difference and help to keep Ocean Pines safe.

One eye-opening statistic Chief Massey reported, “nationally, more people die from texting while driving than from drunk driving”. While cell phones are good and important for some things, they have become an addiction for many. Believe it or not, the average time on cells phones for young people is 600 minutes a day. That’s an epidemic that erodes social skills. There’s less face-to-face interactions, less time together with others, even at family dinner time. There’s also internet crimes. Especially the older generation falls prey to scams because they are more trusting. Chief Massey said, “ Don’t send any money for phone calls asking for money. They are mostly scams. Beware!”

Pictured after he spoke (L-R) are Chief David Massey receiving the “coveted Kiwanis Pen” given to guest speakers, from Kiwanis Club of Greater Ocean Pines – Ocean City President Ralph Chinn. Thank You for keeping Ocean Pines safe.

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