Bulkhead Program Long Term Strategy

Repair vs. Replacement


  • Minor settling of soil (OPA PW)
  • Cap Boards broken/missing (OPA PW)
  • Individual Replacement of Sheathing boards/Patching Holes (dependent upon scope of project)
  • Broken Tie rod (dependent upon scope)


  • Bulkhead has reached its estimated life cycle and meets the requirements (condition, proximity to other replacements, etc.) for replacement
  • Bulkhead is beyond scope of repair due to rot, worm infestation, storm damage, and/or tie rod corrosion
  • Bulkhead is determined necessary for replacement due to replacement of adjoining bulkheads

2017 Replacement Project

  • RFP issued and Bidding process started with DBF Engineering February 2017, Hi-Tide was low bidder
  • Work was postponed due to Spring/Summer boating season
  • Received County approval and permit to replace 1200 L.F. of timber bulkhead with vinyl in August 2017 (expires August 2019). State and Federal Approvals obtained 2017 (expires 2019)
  • Work to begin Oct. 1 2017 delayed due to contract dispute. Work commenced December 1, 2017.
  • Contract was awarded to replace 24 W. Mallard only. 154 LF total. Contract to complete additional work is contingent upon satisfactory completion of contracted project.
  • Estimated cost based on current contract of 1200 Linear Feet at $272 a L.F. is $326,400

2016 Replacements

  • Multiple properties totaling approx. 3400 linear feet were identified in the spring of 2016 for need of replacement/repair and received permit approval from the State and Federal Authorities
  • County approval must be obtained and a Shoreline Construction Permit issued prior to beginning project.
  • State and Federal Permits expire 2019
  • 2016 Replacement Program will require Engineering on concrete sections and timber sections to be replaced or repaired.
  • Estimated cost for bulkhead 3400 Linear Foot(L.F.) x $272 = $918,000
  • 257 represents current contract replacement cost L.F.
  • L.F. price does not include engineering/Engineering may effect actual cost
  • L.F. price does include stabilization to meet Sediment and Erosion Control requirements estimated at $15 L.F.
  • Projected start date October 1, 2018 for Completion in Spring of 2019

30 Year Plan

  • 81 properties remain under the 30 year plan that have not been replaced
  • Evaluate bulkheads for replacement by priority and replace accordingly
  • Individual bulkheads may be repaired in lieu of replacement according to life cycle of adjoining bulkheads
  • Complete 30 year plan by 2022 while incorporating yearly OPAPW assessment with data tracking into new 35 year replacement life cycle.

Bulkhead Estimated Budget Numbers per Year

  • Now to April 30th 2018 – 7 Properties, total cost est. $204,272.00
  • May 1st 2018 to April 30th 2019 – 9 Properties, total cost est. $371,872.00

Reserve Study indicates an additional 22 Properties, total cost est. $418,880.00 to be addressed

  • May 1st 2019 to April 30th 2020 – 17 Properties (2016) total cost est. $722,100

Reserve Study indicates an additional 19 Properties, total cost est. $358,700.00 to be addressed

  • May 1st 2020 to April 30th 2021 – 124 Properties, total cost est. $2,604,000.00
  • May 1st 2021 to April 30th 2022 – 101 Properties, total cost est. $2,191,700.00

Moving Forward

  • Identify Priority Areas
  • Use Capital Reserve Data to Identify sections by age
  • Complete 30 year plan and begin 35 year life cycle
  • Annual Bulkhead inspection by OPA Public Works
  • Determine need for repair or engineered replacement
  • Proactively identify future areas of concern
  • Analyze Work Orders to track trends
  • Sinkholes and settling may indicate problems
  • Estimate Replacement Cost for Budget
  • Permit According to Budget
  • Prepare engineered drawings for vinyl installation
  • Submit of Permitting to Maryland Dept. of Environment and U.S. Army COE.
  • Submit for County Approval and Shoreline Permit
  • Bid Project
  • Due to changing dynamics on each project vinyl should be bid per project
  • Extended contract periods may be considered with board approval

Long Term Strategy

  • Eliminate piece meal approach
  • Repair sections to prolong life until other adjoining sections are ready
  • Replace longer sections for efficiency and a stronger structure
  • Review and Assess forecasted work utilizing Capital Reserve, Work Orders, and Yearly Physical Evaluation
  • Bring bulkhead program up to date
  • Bid Each project separately
  • Use multiple contractors to complete multiple projects
  • Use this approach until Bulkhead Program is up to date
  • Once program is up to date long term contract may be considered
  • Streamline Program
  • Replace longer sections of bulkhead
  • Utilize information and visual inspections to accurately assess repair vs. replacement
  • Continue to incorporate new technologies in the industry to assure a better longer lasting structure
  • Forecast future long term budget requirements accurately to ensure proper funding is available

Next Step

  • Extend the existing contract with Hi-Tide to include 22 thru 10 W. Mallard Dr. in order to complete by May 1, 2018
  • Permit and develop RFP for 19-26 W. Mallard Dr., 21-24 Ebb Tide by June 1, 2018
  • Complete permitting and develop RFP for 2016 replacements by June 1, 2018.
  • Review Bids and Award contracts for each project by July 31, 2018

Projects to begin no later that October 1, 2018

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