Board Meeting, Saturday, May 24th @ 9:00am

Call to Order – Tom Terry

Pledge of Allegiance – All

Approval of Agenda – Board

Approval of Minutes

April 16, 2014- Special Meeting

April 23, 2014- Regular Meeting

President’s Remarks – Tom Terry

General Manager’s Report – Bob Thompson

Marine Committee Report- Frank Watkins

Public Comments

Old Business-

  1. Motion- Marty Clarke- I move that the board of directors instruct our General Manager to prepare, in cooperation with our Treasurer, Controller, and audit committee, a scope of work in order to advertise a comprehensive RFP in order for the board of directors to make an informed decision and engage our audit firm for Ocean Pines Association, Inc.

New Business-

  1. Discussion-CPI Violations- Joe Moore, OPA Attorney
  2. Discussion- Political Signs- Joe Moore, OPA Attorney

CPI Actions – Bob Thompson

Appointments – Tom Terry

Frederick “Rick” Jackson- Communications- 1st Term

Judy Butler- Environment & Natural Assets- 2nd Term

Leslie Shippee- Tennis- 1st Term

Bob Abele- Environment & Natural Assets- 2nd Term

Don Flax- Environment & Natural Assets- 1st Term


Media Questions


Respectfully submitted:

Michelle Bennett, Assistant Secretary


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