Board Meeting Agenda Nov. 30

Thursday, November 30, 201 7
7:00 PM, Assateague Room, Community Center

Call to Order – Doug Parks
Pledge of Allegiance – All
Approval of Agenda – Board
Approval of Minutes

October 25, 2017- Special Meeting
October 27, 2017- Regular Meeting

President’s Remarks- Doug Parks

Presentation- Avery Hall Insurance Agency,Inc.- Kathy Bennett

Treasurer’s Report- Pat Supik

General Manager’s Report- John Bailey
Waste and Recycling Services Contract Award

Public Comments

Capital Purchases Requests- None

CPI Violations-
7 Pine Cone Way
45 Abbyshire Dr.
4 Hemlock Lane
73 Boston Dr.

Unfinished Business- None

New Business-
First Reading for Amendment of Resolution B-01 -Ted Moroney
First Reading for Amendment of Resolution B-04- Ted Moroney
Discussion- By Laws & Resolutions Committee Annual Report- Ted Moroney
Discussion- Clubs Committee Annual Report- Cheryl Jacobs
Motion – Recommendation to Address Associations Deficit- Slobodan Trendic
First Reading for Amendment of Resolution M-06 – Slobodan Trendic
First Reading for Amendment of Resolution C-07- Slobodan Trendic

Committee Appointments-
John Viola – Chair- Budget & Finance
Tom Janasek- Chair- Environment & Natural Assets
Larry Perrone – 1st Term- Budget & Finance
Mary Decker- 1 st Term – Budget & Finance

Cathy Gallagher- 2018- Search
Peggy Turner- 2018 -Search

Adjournment to Closed Session for Issues as permitted by the MD Homeowner’s
Association Act. Section 11 8-111 (4) a meeting of the board of directors or other governing body of the homeowners association or a committee of the homeowners association rnay be held in closed session only for the following purposes: (i) Discussion of matters pertaining to employees and personnel and (iii) Consultation with legal counsel on legal matters.

Respectfully submitted: Colette Horn, Secretary




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