Board Candidates Announced

For Immediate Release:

Candidatesfor OPA Board of Directors

It’s Official! The OPA Elections Committee is pleased to announce the names of six candidates for election to the OPA Board of Directors. Below are the candidates running for election to fill three vacant Board positions:

  • Jack Collins
  • Bill Cordwell
  • Roland Langevin
  • Edgar Purcell (Les)
  • Tom Terry
  • Ray Unger

The three candidates receiving the highest numbers of votes will be elected for three-year terms. In accordance with OPA Resolution M-06(Elections and Referendums Procedures) approved by the OPA Board of Directors on November 17, 2010, there is no provision for write-in candidates on the OPA election ballot.

Key dates in the election process include:

  • Candidates’ Forum – June 24, 7 pm, Community Center
  • Cut off for Voter Eligibility – July 6, 5pm
  • Mail Ballots toMembership – July 12
  • Ballot Deadline – August 8
  • Count ballots – August 9
  • Annual Meeting/Election Results – August 10, 10am, Community Center

Submitted by: Judy Butler, Elections Committee Chair, 410-600-0468

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