Association President Releases Statement on Recommended Budget

Coming off the release of the Recommended Budget for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020, Ocean Pines Association President Doug Parks has released the following statement to the Membership on Monday, Jan. 28:

“OPA Members,

The budget that has been shared with the membership is the recommended budget presented by the GM for the Board’s consideration and is by no means the final budget. The Board is evaluating a number of items included in the capital expenses, reserve contributions and salary adjustments. Other considerations are being given to the priorities of major projects and the expense associated with among other items, drainage, deferred maintenance, deficit recovery and road reserves. The intent is to determine what our operations team can realistically be expected to complete in the upcoming fiscal year, and only fund those initiatives in this budget. As a Board, we fully expect additional changes to the recommended budget as we continue our review and make these determinations.

The hearing on February 2nd is to review the recommended budget, explain the projects and work associated with the noted expenses and get feedback from the membership. We encourage everyone to share their thoughts on the budget by attending the meeting on Saturday the 2nd or via email at

Thank you.
Ocean Pines Board of Directors.”

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