Platform Tennis



A fun, social, and year-round sport! Platform tennis is an outdoor racquet sport for any age that combines elements of tennis and racquetball. The game, which is mainly a doubles sport, is played with a solid paddle and a spongy ball. The court is 1/3 the size of a tennis court and surrounded by screens that let players keep the ball in play after it hits off the court and then the screens.

It is simple to get started—all you need to do is show up at the courts any Saturday at 12:00pm with a pair of sneakers to participate in our FREE Clinics. Our instructors will provide you with all the equipment and instructions you will need to get started.

Our 4 courts are located next to the tennis courts at the Manklin Meadows Racquet Sports Complex. 

Social Events
Weekly Drop-Ins – Leagues – Social Tournaments – Cook-Outs

We’ll be looking for you at the courts!

Costs and Fees

PLAY 3 & SAVE! Ask about our combo rate for all 3 sports!

Platform Tennis Memberships
Amenity memberships are available to Ocean Pines residents and non-residents. Non-residents wishing to join the Ocean Pines Association to purchase amenity memberships may do so for an additional yearly fee of $250.

  • Family – $250
  • Individual – $150

Attention Racquet Sport Members & Guests – Please sign in at the Racquet Shop prior to heading to the courts.  By signing in, you help us keep track of court usage/availability, maintain accurate statistics and validate memberships.  Thank you!

Click here for amenity membership applications.

For additional information please call 410-641-7717 or the Racquet Shop at 410-641-7228.