Environment & Natural Assets Committee


The Environment and Natural Assets Advisory Committee provides suggestions and recommendations for improving the health and vitality of our natural resources as well as keeping the Board informed on environmental issues impacting Ocean Pines.

For meeting time and location, see the committee calendar.

Current Committee Members

Kenneth Wolf – Chair

14 Grand Port Road
Email: kwolfsden@gmail.com
3rd Term
Term Ends: November 15, 2017

Paul Fohner

54 Grand Port Road
Email: paulfohner@msn.com
1st Term
Term Ends: October 22, 2019

Tom Janasek

17 Lookout Point
Email: tjanasek@hotmail.com
1st Term
Term Ends: December 9, 2019

George Maynard

2 Sassafras Ln
Email: gmayn115@yahoo.com
1st Term
Term Ends: October 22, 2019

Thomas List

22 Ocean Parkway
Email: dylist@gmail.com
1st Term
Term Ends: September 18, 2016

James Spata

2 Driftwood Lane
Email: jspata@verizon.net
2nd Term
Term Ends: October 28, 2018

Martin Clarke

855 Ocean Parkway
Email: calibanrealty@mchsi.com
1st Term
Term Ends: October 29, 2018

Patricia Supik – Liaison

7 Wharf Court
Email: supik64@gmail.com
1st Term
Term Ends: July 24, 2016

Important Documents

Resolution – Purpose and Function of the Environment & Natural Assets Committee
Agendas, Minutes and Other Reports