Budget & Finance Committee


The Budget and Finance Advisory Committee advises the Board of Directors and assists the General Manager in the preparation of budgets, both operating and capital; reviews financial performance and updates financial forecasts throughout the year; reviews and provides recommendations regarding the annual audit of the Association’s financial statements; and develops programs of asset management and investment policies and procedures.

For meeting time and location, see the committee calendar.

Current Committee Members

John O’Connor – Chair

2 Dogwood Place
Email: jjoconnor@mchsi.com
3rd Term
Term Ends: April 17, 2018

Harold Dick Keiling

205 Breezy Court
Email: hak@conceptsnrec.com
1st Term
Term Ends: July 28, 2020

John Viola

67 Inwood Dr. Bardonia, NY 10954
Email: jwviola1@gmail.com
1st Term
Term Ends: October 27, 2020

Robert Kessler

9 Dockside Court
Email: normakessler@mchsi.com
1st Term
Term Ends: May 27, 2020

John Trumpower

526 Ocean Parkway
Email: john.trumpower@gmail.com
2nd Term
Term Ends: January 23, 2018

Jim Beisler

186 Ocean Parkway
Email: patandjames@mchsi.com
1st Term
Term Ends: September 24, 2018

Patricia Supik – Board Liaison

7 Wharf Court
Email: supik64@gmail.com

Important Documents

Resolution – Purpose and Function of the Budget & Finance Committee
Agendas, Minutes and Other Reports