Emergency Planning for Your Pet

Your emergency and evacuation plans must include provisions for your pets.

  • Have a safe place to take your pets , especially in case an evacuation is ordered.
    • Remember: During an evacuation, American Red Cross disaster shelters cannot accept pets. Service animals who assist people with disabilities are the only animals allowed in Red Cross shelters.
    • Plan NOW, before an emergency, to find out whether friends, relatives or pet-friendly hotels can shelter your animals in the event of a disaster. Keep a list of pet-friendly places, including phone numbers, with your other disaster supplies.
  • Assemble a pet disaster supply kit
  • Know what to do when a disaster approaches

Further Reading:


For more information on developing your pet preparedness plan, visit Ready.gov to download the brochure.

You can take the free online training to help yourself and your family and community prepare for disasters:

IS-10.A: Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness

IS-11.A: Animals in Disasters: Community Planning

You can also get information about pet preparedness from the FEMA Library; visit resource document library and enter “pets ” in the “Keywords” field.“