About Ocean Pines

Ocean Pines is a premier residential community nestled on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Northern Worcester County. With over 9 miles of waterfront property on 3,000 acres of wooded areas, with amenities throughout the community including a beachfront property located 5 miles in Ocean City and on the Atlantic Ocean.

The vision of Ocean Pines is to be a premier resort community, offering exceptional value and quality of life to property owners who are diverse in age, economic status and interests, and to primarily provide residents the facilities, services and amenities that are attractive, affordable, safe and enjoyable.

Today, there are approximately 8,452 platted lots in the community with about 12,000 full-time residents and 8,000 part-time residents and associated guests living and participating in Ocean Pines. It also has restaurants, shops and extensive recreation facilities.

The Ocean Pines Community is in close proximity of

  • Public and private schools
  • Continued Education Facilities
  • Catered & Independent Living Facilities
  • 55 plus Residential Community – located in the Pines
  • 2 top-notch hospitals
  • Well rounded list of medical specialists
  • Regional airport
  • Numerous outlet shops and malls
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • The Beach and Ocean City

Wooded Ocean Pines, Maryland is located eight miles inland from the ocean resort town of Ocean City but is still along the water. It started out as a retirement resort in 1968 and today is a planned community with a diverse demographic. The community feels like a town and has its own police department, fire department, water system, etc and is managed by a Homeowner Association called the Ocean Pines Association, Inc. (OPA)

Worcester County, Maryland

The State of Maryland

Charles I of England granted a royal charter for Maryland in 1632, and English settlers arrived in 1634. Early on, it was primarily home to indentured servants, convicts and Catholics (and was one of the only early settlements to have Catholics in positions of power). The Mason Dixon Line was created in the mid-1700s, and Maryland gave away some land in 1791 to create the District of Colombia, which is now the location of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and the White House. British troops attempted to capture Baltimore in 1814, prompting Francis Scott Key to write The Star Spangled Banner. Maryland was a slave state during the Civil War but stayed in the Union.

The state covers both sides of Chesapeake Bay and it has one of the longest waterfronts of any state. A few vital agricultural products are nursery and greenhouse products, dairy products, chickens, soybeans and eggs. The waters from Chesapeake Bay grow clams, finned fish, oysters and crabs.