Work Session Agenda Jan. 23

Monday, January 23, 2017
9:00 am, Assateague Room, Community Center


Call to Order – Tom Herrick

9:01 am – Pledge of Allegiance – all

9:02 am – Approval of Agenda – Board

9:03 am – President’s Remarks – Tom Herrick

9:05 am – 50th Anniversary Committee Presentation- Slobodan Trendic

Topics submitted by General Manager
9:20 am – Mumford’s Bars- Capital needs for renovation
9:35 am – Manklin Meadows Playground

Topics submitted by Board members
9:50 am – GM’s Playground Project at Mumford’s Landing in Ocean Pines – Slobodan Trendic
10:05 am – HR Policies and Procedures- Slobodan Trendic
10:20 am – Technology Workgroup Status Update- Doug Parks
10:35 am – Status Update for GM Recruitment- Doug Parks
10:50 am- Discussion of adding two platform tennis courts to the Manklin Park racquet area- Dave Stevens

11:05 am – Adjournment to Closed Session for Contractual Issues as permitted by the MD Homeowner’s Association Act, Section 11B-111 (4 & 5) (iii) Consultation with legal counsel on legal matters.

Respectfully submitted:
Slobodan Trendic, Secretary


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